Thursday, June 19, 2008

100th Post

1. So, this is my 100th post. Well, it was when I started it anyway.

2. When I started this little blog last October, I didn't realize how much fun it would be.

3. I started it with a top ten list. Dorky, I know. Not that it has improved much since.

4. I really am not that interesting, so I fear I do not have 100 things to disclose about myself.

5. I guess as long as I keep fluffing, I will have less than that to come up with.

6. Okay, I guess I'll get started.

7. I was born in Mesa, Arizona.

8. Moved to Texas just before I turned 3.

9. If I believed in putting bumper stickers on my car, I would totally have the one that says, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could".

10. Being a Texan is awesome.

11. I really wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

12. Well, maybe Colorado, but rumor has it that they don't like us there, so I will just remain an occasional visitor.

13. I was about to brag about how only the Texas flag can fly as high as the US flag, but I just googled it to be sure and Snopes proved me wrong. I've believed that all of my life! Devastating news.

14. I just think it's cool that my friend Rachelle has the Texas flag on her blog. She's lived here before and now doesn't...and she gets the Texas hype.

15. So, I'm done talking about how great my state is.

16. I was raised Lutheran--Wisconsin Synod.

17. Then in college I went to a tiny Evangelical Methodist Church.

18. That is the place I really realized I was a sinner and needed God. I am saved by His grace.

19. I also met my husband there.

20. He is amazing. I am so lucky to be called wife by him.

21. We became PCA shortly after getting married.

22. We attended and he later worked at PCPC for over 5 years.

23. Then we moved and didn't have such a great PCA option where currently live.

24. We attend The Village now.

25. We are fed the Word of God in amazing ways there and are so thankful.

26. They even take care of our girls while we worship.

27. Yep, I'm the mom of two little ones.

28. Lily is 3 and a half and Jade is 11 months.

29. I am a stay at home mommy to them.

30. I also work part-time from home.

31. Working from home + no childcare = lots of late nights and early mornings at the computer.

32. I also read way too many blogs.

33. Its okay though as long as the dust bunnies don't come out of their corners and start fighting.

34. I don't really like to clean house.

35. My idea of cleaning house is getting it picked up and ready for the maid to come.

36. Problem is...we don't have a maid.

37. We do have a good Kirby though...aka Jade.

38. And my 3 year old never makes messes.

39. Except when she is finger painting.

40. I have been an absolute failure at potty training.

41. I could spend the remainder of this post just telling you why I think my 3.5 year old won't poop on the potty.

42. That would be boring though.

43. So, I'll just say that we've tried EVERY thing we can think of, heard about, and read about.

44. We even did a potty training boot camp. But it didn't work.

45. We've seen a pediatric gastroenterologist...and been discharged from him.

46. Basically he said good luck and good riddance.

47. I've been thinking...why are they called GIs when it is spelled GastroEnterologist?

48. Anyway, supposedly we have a behavioral/control issue on our hands.

49. So play therapy has been recommended.

50. Great, I thought. Lily will go play with a therapist, I will shell out $100 each visit, and she will come home potty trained.

51. I called to make the appointment.

52. A totally different scenario was pitched to me.

53. Looks like I will be doing Filial Therapy.

54. Potty training has already brought me to my knees, and now it has sent me to therapy.

55. Pull-ups at $.35 each just aren't really looking that expensive suddenly.

56. I see the therapist tomorrow.

57. I hope she talks fast because at $2.25 a minute, my ears will be listening fast.

58. On to brighter topics. I really love to garden.

59. Pulling that is good therapy.

60. I also like to bowl.

61. My family even has matching bowling shirts and a team name.

62. It is comforting to know the dorkiness runs in the family.

63. You would think we were really good at it when we all show up in our shirts.

64. Many an spectator has been disappointed I'm sure.

65. My goal is just to beat my husband...which has happened...a few times.

66. Beating my dad...that would be great, but he is the only good bowler in the group, so very unlikely.

67. On to food...Mexican is my favorite. Especially flautas.

68. I used to like sushi. Not after this happened though.

69. We don't have any pets.

70. I've tried to convince my hubby that we have a dog.

71. And then I tried my hand at raising tadpoles.

72. All 22 of them ended up dying. Even Kermit.

73. And it wasn't because Jade ate him.

74. That would have been bad.

75. Kind of like in the days when she was spitting up and leaving me with quite a a fragrance.

76. Let's see...what else? I am really scared during Texas Storms.

77. I guess that is one negative about our state.

78. We can have some crazy weather in these parts.

79. Like 80's in November.

80. And snow in late March.

81. It's one of the things that makes living in the Lone-Star State so fun.

82. Typing "Lone-Star State" reminds me of our honeymoon.

83. We honeymooned in NYC.

84. We chose a big city instead of a beach because we are both so fair and sunburn easily.

85. We ended up getting burnt to a crisp at central park anyway.

86. Not before we got our faces on the today show though.

87. We got up early TWICE just to get in those crazy lines on our honeymoon.

88. I'm still not sure what we were thinking.

89. We did get to meet Al Roker though.

90. He even signed the poster we were holding.

91. Have you ever tried to find a poster board in NYC? It was very difficult.

92. We ended up buying a cheap poster from an art store and using the back of it.

93. This is what we wrote: "The Big Apple has stolen our Lone Star hearts."

94. I am not sure why I remember that poster so well.

95. Further more why I am sharing it on my blog?

96. I guess to further demonstrate my dorkiness.

97. I think I even alternated the colors red and blue on the "lone star" part.

98. Apparently I wasn't done talking about Texas.

99. But, you'll be thankful however, that I AM done talking about myself.

100. Good night.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Congrats! 100 posts...yippee!

The bowling stuff cracked me up. Yes, the matching shirts would seem like a dead giveaway that bowling greatness has entered the alley...."but many a spectator has been disappointed, I'm sure." Love it!

And your devotion to all things Texas makes me feel all cozy inside. I'm pretty sure I'm a Texan at heart. :)

My2Gs said...

Happy 100th post! I loved funny :)

My2Gs said...

Just curious what your part time work from home job it?
~ Lacie

Jenn said...

Congrats on the 100th post!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Happy 100th!

28 - I always wanted a Lily
40 - Same here
61 - totally rocks :)

Tricia Hoffmann said...

Cute! You sure do have a knack for this!

Rachelle said...

DORK now stands for...


But we love you anyway! Happy 100th post!

Richardsons of HV said...

You are funny! I'm glad you've joined the blog world!!!

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