Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Fun

Father's Day events (in order of occurrence):

Honoring My Dad--

I sent out this little e-mail to my dad to get the fun started:

hey dad,

this is your invitation to a father's day event in honor of none other than YOU:

meet us at the goal
so the truth can be told

whose hoopin' is the best
when you're put to the test

mine is going through the rim
but your chances are looking dim

maybe you'll fair better at skee ball
unless we hold you to the wall

jerry wants to play a shooting game
is that where you'll find your fame?

we can even have a race
though we're pretty tough to face

Let the competition begin!

When? Sat. June 14th @ 11:30 AM

Where? Chuck E. Cheese

Why? It's going to be fun to smoke you at some games for Father's Day, while your granddaughters watch of course!

All of the embarrassment will be funded by us!

Are you game?

Love, Kerry and the gang

I'll let the pictures do the talking...all I'll say is that Kelly (my sis) wasn't too fond of this idea, but once she got her game on and beat each of us at the hoops, she was lovin' it. I blew her away at skee ball though and even though it only happened once, and I didn't get a picture of the score board, I did beat my dad at the hoops during our first match up...40-25! I'm pretty sure that at that moment several of the parents around were staring at us thinking...don't they know this place is for kids?!

Oh, the kids! They had fun too. Jade even rode her first roller coaster. Simulated roller coaster, of course.

Honoring my hubby--

Jerry and I are kind of weird about gift giving. I think we're a lot like Christina and Jeff after reading this recent post on her blog. Like for Mother's Day, Jerry just told me to go ahead and get my hair highlighted since I have been thinking about it. (I haven't had it done in 4 years! I'm going Wednesday! I'm also quietly wondering if he realizes that this is a gift that keeps on giving...) So, back to Father's Day. I did give him some framed pictures to put in his new office, but my main gift to him was letting him sleep in. Jade made that gift extra special by waking up at 6:30 AM. Have I mentioned that I think anything before 7 AM is the middle of the freaking night?!? Thought so. So, at 6:30 I jumped up, turned off both of the girls monitors and he didn't even hear me leave the room. By 7:15 Lily was up too, so I decided it was time for a morning jog. I snuck into our bedroom to grab something before leaving and he rolled over and said...Jade's not up yet, is she? Uh, yeah, since 6:30. And Lily is awake too...we're going for a jog. Happy Father's day...enjoy it! He was in such a good mood when he resurfaced around 8:30.

He's looking into new cell phones and other gadgets, so whatever he picks out will probably get the "Father's Day gift" label. Sure makes shopping easy for me.

Honoring my father-in-law:

My father-in-law is by far the biggest baseball fan I know. Rangers. Texas Rangers. Meet Jerry Hollis Gibson...he is your biggest fan. Good times. Bad times. All times. He is faithfully following your every move. So we thought we'd get tickets to a game. Thankfully the Rangers weren't in town this weekend...we'd need to take out a second mortgage to finance tickets for all of us if they were actually in the park...and then a third mortgage just for the parking and snacks. That place, which we used to frequent like crazy when my in-laws had season tickets, has gotten outrageous.

So, it sounded like a good idea when we were planning this to go to a local minor league game instead. We've heard they are a ton of fun for families. That was before we realized it would be one hundred and one degrees. Yes, like the dalmatian movie. 101. 101.

I was so thankful to have an out. I can't believe I had a reason to be thankful for Jade's recent double ear infection. She is still on an antibiotic that makes her sensitive to the sun. She simply can't be in it. At all. No one in the family was liking the fact that I was trying to get out of sitting in the blistering heat for 3 hours with a sweaty baby on my lap. Jerry assured me our seats would be in the shade. Really? Call them. One call later and he was depressed to learn not only that the sun would be on us, it wouldn't be at our backs, but in our faces. Glory! I had my out!

So only part of our crew made the hike to the sun pit. They did it to honor my precious father-in-law. He's just the kind of guy that makes you want to do those kind of things for him. I did feel bad driving away in my car with 2 A/C vents blowing full force pointed straight at me, and the other two at Jade. That feeling faded quickly as we watched them hike 3 blocks just to get to the stadium. Valet? Valet anyone?

I did snap a picture before leaving. Just in case they shriveled to raisins during their stay. The report on Lily was that she did fabulous. However, she did at some point announce to everyone that they had been there long enough and it was time to go home.

I think that was at the top of the second.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

She lasted that long? Top of the second? That's pretty good in my book. :)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

This might be the best father's day post I read!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm gonna add you to my bloglines and come back and visit :)

Jenn said...

Sounds like it was a great day!

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