Monday, June 16, 2008


Jade, sometimes in all our busyness, we forget to just sit down and enjoy you. You are such a beauty! Here is mommy trying to make up for having only 1 picture of you for every 10 we have of Lily.

I won't even compare the babybook situation.


My2Gs said...

Oh, the baby books....I have done such a horrible job on my little boys baby book compared to my little girl. Hopefully he won't hold that against me someday ;)
~ Lacie

Jenn said...

How cute,I think that happens with everyone because with the first it's just them and then with the rest you have the other kids to watch as well as the baby.

Christina said...

can you believe there are professionals!?? i read about it in a magazine and one of the ladies works in dfw...i would love to put that dirty work on someone. i wish i knew a name :) btw, jade is so precious

Heidi Day said...

Mama, Mama told me-O, I'm the sweetest little baby in the country-O. I looked in mirror and found it so. Just as mama told me-O.

(one of my favorite Kindermusik songs!)

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