Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Dogwoods

I still miss the gorgeous Dogwood trees at our previous home. One was white and the other pink. They always seemed to know to bloom right at Easter.
In this picture I was 6 weeks post op from having a brain tumor removed, I was 6 weeks in to experiencing single sided deafness, I was 6 weeks in to relishing that my face wasn’t paralyzed, and I was 6 weeks in to truly viewing each day as a gift.
I experienced a palpable communion with the Lord during the year of 2013 and all that came with it. None of it, except that communion, was particularly fun. But it grew me, it grew my family, and most importantly it drew me closer to the ultimate physician and healer, my Lord, Jesus Christ.
Easter Sunday 2013
As you can see, five years later, our girls sure have been growing too! Here they are in front of the cross after it had been flowered by children throughout the morning. It's a meaningful tradition, one that our school keeps too. 
Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018

I couldn't remember Easter ever falling on April Fool's Day. Sure enough it has only happened four times since 1900, the last time being in 1956. And it won't happen again until 2029!

But what we celebrated today is no April fool's joke. Jesus took the cross, an ugly instrument of death, and made it beautiful. He conquered the grave—and one day we, who are in Him, will conquer it and rise again also—to be in heaven with Him.

HE IS RISEN! Happy Easter from our family to yours!
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