Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Next time...bird seed.

Our yard has some bare spots that have been bugging me. I picked up a bag of grass seed, prepared the soil, spread the seed and watered it in. Faithfully. Every day. In fact I should have given up sooner.

At the same time I got a new bird feeder. Haphazardly set it up and filled it with seed. It also sat over a bare spot of dirt. I watched more squirrels eat from it than birds, and appreciated my dogs barking at them. Even they knew it was for birds, not squirrels.

Guess where I planted the grass seed.

Not here. ^^^

Yep.You guessed it.

Next time? Bird seed.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dad's Anti-Summer List List

My husband is the "fun parent". The jokester. The rule breaker. The one I roll my eyes at. It's fine. It works for us. Probably because I don't mind being the bad guy a lot of the times. So, when Jerry saw me begin prepping our summer chore chart, "The Summer of Responsibilities", and then when he noticed others posting theirs on FaceBook, he went into full "fun parent" mode. Following is what he posted...

I will be posting this list in my house in protest of summer lists: 

Dad's Anti-Summer List List - (ideas that might get you in trouble and/or a little hurt) 

Rules for using this list: Don’t over plan. Don’t use this as a check list. Keep your phones on and on you. Use common sense. 
1. Take your scooters down the big hill at the end of our street. Just post one person at the bottom of the hill to watch for cars and wear a helmet. If you’re scared, start toward the bottom and work your way up. Why do I even have to tell you these things? This is the only common sense advice I will provide for the rest of this list. --- When it gets boring, think of some ways to trick it up. If you’re brave enough, build a ramp to jump over the curb. Tweak the ramp until it works and you’ll have completed your math lesson for the day.

2. Rollerblade in the big parking lot where they are putting the new restaurants.

3. Find a way down into the creek at the end of our street. Trespass if you need to!

4. Ride your bike to 7-Eleven and get a Slurpee each day it’s over 95 degrees.

5. Call your neighborhood friends. Bike over to their house. Don’t come back home for hours. Cross a busy street. I don’t care. You have a phone ON YOUR BODY for crying out loud. Take advantage of that. You’ll be fine.

6. Turn the back yard into an imaginary place. You decide. Invite friends over. One recommendation: Nerf gun battle!

7. Fill a cooler full of water balloons. Attack your mom. Then invite friends over for a battle royale. Do it again.

8. Climb the tree in the front yard onto our roof. Figure that out and I’ll give you $10.

9. Go barefoot.

10. Bike to get your sweet ol’ dad something sweet from the store.

11. Lift your chin. Look for your own ideas.

12. Do your mom’s chore chart! Not doing chores is too dangerous – even from Dad’s perspective.

I bet you can guess my least and most favorite. Rest assured I know how to fill a mega water gun to quickly retaliate. And...the chore chart, ahem, "The Summer of Responsibilities" is almost ready for press. And I am ready for a full court press. Game on! Summer: Let's do this!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

after a 3 year break....

Wow...I used to adore this blog and posted often.

Then 2 brain tumors came along and it became a place to post about surgeries, healing, MRIs and other updates.

Its our first real day of SUMMER here and I had an urge to revamp the ol' blog!

Looking forward to posting about things other than acoustic neuromas and meningiomas. Thank the Lord that I am able to!

Here's to an awesome summer!
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