Friday, June 6, 2008

11 months!

It's hard to believe that in just one short month I'll be posting about my baby's first birthday! I'm not sure where the time has gone. But for the moment I am wanting to remember these things about her while she is still just 11 months. Because, you know, an 11 month old is so much more babylike than a 12 month old!
Dear Jade,

1. I absolutely am in love with every rolly polly inch of you.

2. I especially love looking at you from the rear side view while you are crawling.

3. It is scary how much you can toss your hips and thighs around.

4. Daddy says that he hopes that changes by the time you are a teenager!

5. You are "military" crawling right now and you use your individual toes to pivot yourself around. It is quite amazing and you bring lots of laughs from whoever is watching.

6. You are very verbal and show a lot of inflection in your voice.

7. You love handing people your toys and when you do I promise it sounds like you are saying, "Here you go."

8. Your absolute favorite place to be is on mama's all times. Mama is still getting used to this idea.

9. At almost 25 pounds, you are quite heavy to carry around all the time.

10. Your favorite food is frozen sweet peas...warmed up a bit of course. And you definitely aren't color blind because if I mix some carrots or corn in them too, you successfully only pick out the green peas.

11. You are so smart, I love how you don't let big sis Lily get away with swiping one of your toys even though she quickly replaces it with another, less fun toy. You are on to her!

Jade will really have reason to be mad at mommy the day she realizes I posted these pictures. I never did bare baby pictures with Lily though and regretted it, so although it is kind of late, I did these with Jade a couple of weeks ago.

Happy 11 months, Jade!
Quick footnote: One of my daily blog reads, Baby Bangs, did these monthly tributes to her son until he was 24 months. I didn't realize she was the one who started this fun trend until another daily read, Virtue Alert, gave credit to her. I've seen other people doing it too, so I think it will be done by many mommies for years to come!


Jenn said...

I love the pictures, and all their rolls !

Rachelle said...

Why are the chubby legs so darn cute on her, and not so cute on me????? I think that girl may have a little bit of "Rachelle" in her....

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said... do you stand the cuteness? And I am also partial to the rear-end views...I would eat Savannah's tush if I could.

Carl said...

She is getting so big!

Christina said...

great pictures!!! how is lily doing with the cast?

My2Gs said...

SO adorable!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Baby fat rolls :)

Becoming Me said...

These are amazing. He is such a cutie pie. And I love your words to him. Precious.

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