Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lessons From My Landscape

I've been one hot gardening mama. And I mean that in the truest sense of the word, not the cute meaning. Like I have been a hot, sweaty, bug spray covered, glove wearing, hoe hauling, gardening mama.

Weeds. I love to pull weeds. Maybe it stems from my childhood, when my mom would pay me a buck to fill a paper grocery sack with pulled weeds. Maybe that is also why I really only like to pull big weeds. Nevertheless, pulling weeds feels so good. Conquering them. Instant improvement. Working muscles I didn't know I had. I just love it.

Anyway, when I heard that The Preacher's Wife was doing a Spring Garden Tour, I had grand visions of what I could accomplish. I pulled, and pulled, and pulled those weeds. They were really out of control. I'm blaming it on the fact that last summer I was either severely pregnant and couldn't see my own shoes, much less the weeds, OR attached to a nursing newborn and couldn't even pull myself out of bed to pull the weeds.

This is where I should be inserting "before" pictures. Sorry, you'll just have to imagine every type of weed possible. Thankfully, for me, lots of big ones...and then some small, some prickly, some with flowers, it pictured?

So, my beds are in good shape now. Not just because of the garden tour, but because my baby naps twice a day and now my 3 1/2 year old actually knows how to pull weeds, not just anything that is green.

I even got a few flowers planted.

I love how this walkway is filling in. I hadn't been a fan of Sedum until I saw how it covered this area. The Begonias are new and I hope they like this spot as well as the Sedum.

And I can't go without fresh herbs. Currently rosemary, sweet basil and I'm trying cilantro for the first time.

The big surprise of Spring was when these Calla Lillies bloomed. There must have been an old bulb in the bottom of the pot that I've been planting over for years. Or else the neighbor knew I loved them enough to name my firstborn after them and snuck one in.

I usually do tomatoes, but had decided against it after an awful crop last summer...again, with the newbie running the house, I could barely remember to water myself, so, uh, the tomatoes sort of dried up. Not a pretty sight.

But then all the news came out about bacteria infected tomatoes, so I rushed to Lowe's to grab an early girl and a cherry tomato plant.

And couldn't resist trying my hand at a bell pepper too.

Here are some lessons I've learned from my landscaping:

1. Take 2 Advil before, 3 during, and then have 4 on your nightstand for the morning after your project.

2. When it gets dark, and you still aren't done, it's amazing how well your SUV's headlights can brighten the area...for as long as the battery allows.

3. Oh, that is my Lantana coming back. Too bad I stepped all over some of it's siblings.

4. You know the glitter confetti that I lined the sidewalk with for Lily's princess party? Well, it isn't biodegradable. I think I'll be digging it up for years...but will also be reminded of a precious day in her life too. Sniff.

5. If it feels like you have a bug running down your back, you probably do.

6. The 81 liter/3 cu. ft. bag of cypress mulch weighs a lot closer to 81 lbs than 3 lbs.

7. Asian Jasmine is the gift that keeps on giving. How do I get rid of that stuff?

8. Oh, what a HUGE worm. Lily would love that. I think I'll pick it up. YIKES! It isn't a HUGE worm, it is a small SNAKE! Thanks Asian Jasmine for harboring that fun surprise for me. I am sure only a few years were shaved from my lifespan.

9. Shoveling with Crocs on doesn't work very well.

10. And finally, when your kid is done "pulling weeds", give them the water hose and send them the other direction. The neighbors won't talk for too long.

Be sure to head on over to The Preacher's Wife blog for more tour stops!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, looks like you have such a lovely yard and some really fantastic shade trees....something my yard is most definitely lacking. Love, love, love calla lilies....gorgeous. Hmmm...I wonder if they would grow here....???

Rachelle said...

I will pay you $1 a bag to come and pull our weeds, I have a feeling you can make at least $20!

jamie in rose cottage said...

I had a surprise calla lily, too. I knew I planted it, but it's not suppose to survive winter in my zone; but it's back, and I'm happy! I think I may have to try that $1 for a bag of weeds on my own daughter. :-)

Fran said...

I love that walkway too! Very pretty. I have always to plant tomoatos but I'm the only one who eats them. Shame huh???

Have a great weekend. Your place is beautiful!


THE ROOST said...

Love the sedum & the calla lily! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

Jennifer said...

Lovely stuff. Gerbera daisies are my absolute favorite. Mine have even come back the next year even though they're not considered perennials. No bulbs, but they can re-seed themselves sometimes.

Nancy said...

Love the insightful list of lessons learned!

And there's nothing like fresh cilantro. Yum.

Jenn said...

I really like your walkway. It looks so pretty, cool and inviting!

Lisa a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

I love your daisies and lilies...shoot I love the whole thing! Thanks so much for showing us your garden!

Beth said...

Small snake? Eeeeek!

That, and worms, ans bugs running down your back are what I DON'T like about gardening!

Fun post - thanks for sharing!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

You'll have to keep us updated on the cilantro--I have hopes of planting a salsa garden, with tomatoes, cilantro, and peppers, but I'm afraid I'll kill off the cilantro.

And this is a great gardening post!

Jenn said...

You got paid ? How lucky are you I was out there every day in summer for two hours or I was in trouble. I love your Calla's mine are white , I think I like the pink better. The rest of your pics are great too. Have a good day !

Anonymous said...

I love to grow fresh herbs too, but they don't do so well in Wyoming.

Reynie said...

What a beautiful yard you have! I love your tips. Those are so funny but oh so true! Especially the one about lantana. I crush it every year!

RR Mama said...

Wow... your yard looks great! Thanks for showing it off.

Kelly said...

Great tips! :-)

I wish a calla lily would surprise me- I only find weeds and more weeds! Great garden, I am inspried to try growing some herbs, and your garden looks great.

Mari said...

That calla lily and the walk are just beautiful! I also love the list of lessons!

Tricia Hoffmann said...

I love the look of freshly planted flowers. The part I hate is when they all die and you have the nasty dead leaves left! Looks great. Where do you find the time??

Janel said...

Very beautiful!

Melissa :) said...

Want to come over? I could use you about now. LOL :)

Runningamuck said...

Your calla lilies are beautiful! What a great surprise.

And your tips... hilarious! Thanks for the giggle.

We have a lot of veggie plants in common... =0)

Carl said...

Nice flowers and plants!! I will have to pass those tips on to Stacey.

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