Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reclaiming Our Bedroom

Before our second was born, I thought I was so organized.

Actually I got organized quickly after a doctor's appointment at 35 weeks revealed that I was "ready to go" at any time. So we went through 3 years worth of clothes from our older daughter, rewashed them all, and put them in neatly marked rubbermaids.

0-3 mo
3-6 mo
6-9 mo
9-12 mo
12-18 mo Spring/Summer
12-18 mo Fall/Winter

You get the idea.

We have a decent sized master closet, so the neatly marked rubbermaids, were neatly stacked, in our neat closet.

Until one day I was downstairs and heard the largest thud above me. It scared enough that I actually gathered the girls and my cell phone and ran outside to call my hubby. I had to ask him who in the world he thought might have been in our attic and fallen through to our bedroom.

He immediately knew that our neat rubbermaids were no longer quite so neat. I made him stay on the phone with me while I crept upstairs to check out the situation. Sure enough, the stack had fallen and I had a good bit of resorting to do.

Pair that with the fact that just when I would get out whatever new size of clothes for Jade to wear, she'd only be in it for a few weeks and then already be ready for the next bigger size.

When I put Lily's clothes from last summer away (mainly 2T), I really didn't think that I'd already be digging into them this summer for Jade who is only 11 months.

Then we are also on a couple of people's hand-me-down lists, which I love...until I have yet another bag of various sized clothes to work into the mix.

There are also those fun moments when I find a random outfit in the back of the car, in an old diaper bag, left at the grandparent's house, or even Lily's MDO backpack when the season changes and she needs a new set of extra clothes. It never fails, never ever fails, that whatever little outfit I come across not only needs a good washing, but also needs to be put away in the rubbermaid on the very bottom of the stack.

So, the rubbermaids that once occupied our closet have somehow taken over our bedroom. I think I decided that as often as I was getting in and out of them, it was just easier to have them out in the open. The problem is that my two little helpers don't really read tags. The sizes/seasons are all mixed up.

Basically you have just read through my long list of excuses for why our master bedroom has been taken over clothes ranging from NB to 3T in various shades of pink.

Looks like there are 11 rubbermaids to sort through item by item by item.

I tell you...we really want a boy if we end up trying for a third, but with all of the effort that has gone into organizing girl clothes around here...I guess he'll just be wearing a lot of pink.

I have been putting off tackling this task for months. Then I read on BooMama today about her Before and After Bloggy Extravaganza. It was just the push I needed.
I'm embarrassed to post these pictures, but it is just the kick in the butt I need. Plus I needed another reason for my hubby to consider turning off my blog. The look on his face as he saw me taking these pics. Priceless.

So, here are my goals for reclaiming our bedroom:

1. Sort and reorganize 11 rubbermaids full of girl's clothing.

2. Find a place to stack them that won't endanger any of our lives.

Even if that just means a heart attack because of a loud inexplicable noise in the house.
3. Get this bassinet, and baby changing area out of our room. Seeing that we haven't used it in 9 months...I think it might be time.
There is even a basket of strange breast pump pieces that really need to go. Somewhere. Anywhere. Just not in my room for one moment longer.

4. Rearrange furniture to reclaim this space that our treadmill occupied until a few days ago. The only exercise it gave me was when I crawled onto it to give it a dusting every month or so.

While I'm busy making goals, let me wander downstairs too. Again, my husband is really suspicious about the fact that I'm taking pictures of weird things at 11PM.

5. I'd like to get my pantry drawers in better order.
I think the gestation period of plastic sacks is even less than that of rabbits.

6. Jerry recently reorganized these laundry room shelves. They sort of serve as an overflow pantry when I get too excited at Costco. He made a few comments that led me to believe he wants me to keep them organized. Labels. Labels are the only way that will happen. I bet I can find a good deal on labels at Costco.

I have until July 25th to accomplish all of this according to BooMama. However my goal is to have it all done by July 6th when we have Jade's 1st birthday party.

Because I know that all of our guests will march right past my precious baby to first check out my closet, pantry and laundry room shelves.

I just know it.


My2Gs said...

Oh the rubbermaid tubs. My first child Grace was extremely spoiled by everyone....thus lots and lots of tubs!!! Last summer after we had Gauge (we're done at 2 kids) we decided to have a garage sale. It took a full 8 hour day of sorting through tubs to get them ready for the sale (thank goodness for my mom who watched the kids). Well, now it's time for another sale and we have about 5 more tubs than we had last year. We had ambitiously decided on a June sale...LOL...now I'm thinking more like Aug. or Sept. :) Thankfully all the tubs are in the basement at least.
~ Lacie

Melissa :) said...

Um...I think we are related. Seriously. I'm proud of my OCD, are you proud of yours? LOL Good job! :)

Christina said...

good luck on organizing! plus, all those sentimental feelings you feel as you put things away :(

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

A list so I remember it all:

I love your header.

I'm impressed at your organization thus far of all the clothes.

Where did you put your treadmill? We are in the market for exercise equipment, but I refuse to put it in our room or the living room.

I hear ya on the gestation period of plastic sacks. I have a basket to save them. When it's full, I recycle the rest. I get plenty of chances to keep my basket full since we take a huge shopping trip to W*lmart every 2 weeks.

Jenn said...

I know the feeling i have a mess going on as well and need to clean it up. I have the same bassinet and it is in the corner of our room too! If we have another boy then great I don't have to buy anything since everything we have is brandnew from him . Who knows when that will be anyways.

whittakerwoman said...

Doesnt it just feel just so great! H

Heidi Day said...

I have been cleaning out lots of stuff...Getting rid of old nic nacs, clutter, clothes I haven't worn in 2 years or even more. It feels so good to live more simply! Someone told me it's "blessing someone else". :-)

Jamie said...

We just sorted baby clothes too! What a job!

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