Friday, November 4, 2011

Wow, pumpkin carving kits are fun!

A friend let us borrow their pumpkin carving talent actually goes somewhere with one of those!

Now if someone could teach me what setting to use on my camera...

Did a little pumpkin painting too...

Totally didn't get around to roasting pumpkin seeds this year though...craving them of course!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We have a Vampiress and a Rapunzel this year! And pictures from 3 different Pumpkin Patches to share...

This pic is one of my new faves of Jade...I think because the perspective makes her seem younger! ;)

This is the first year Lily has wanted to be something "scary".  My baby is growing up! Sadly, I enjoyed using the black waxy make-up on her lips and brows.  Of course she wouldn't let me stop without first adding "blood".  Oh my. 

Jade chose another wig when she went to trick or treating at school today...

No pictures of our jack-o-lanterns yet.  We started them Friday night with friends but then paused to watch the Ranger's awful World Series loss.  I guess we've been in mourning since.  Hope to finish carving before trick-or-treating tonight.

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lily...already a month past 7!

Before the onset of homeschooling this year, I couldn't fathom adding another after-school activity to ballet, tap, choir and soccer...times two children. But now that our days our less scheduled, we have been able to add piano lessons for Lily and gymnastics for both girls. Gymnastics has been a real hit, so I was not surprised when Lily wanted a gymnastics party for her 7th birthday.

But way before the party, first thing in the morning...we did the "birthday string".  Tied some twine in various rooms, leading her all over the house until it finally led her to her presents.  She loves this new tradition!

                                     ***                GO     RANGERS !!!           ***    

After Jade's soccer game it was finally time to party!

She was fortunate to have cousin Eli in town!

Loved this pic...worked great for her thank you note...

She had a great time...and I *think* her friends did too!

Cannot believe another year has flown by...7 sounds so OLD...and here we head to # 8!   We love you sweet Lily Grace...cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you over this next year.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A little field trip to the White Rock Spillway

I started homeschooling Lily this year. It has been an amazing yet tiring time. ;) To speak of the good though, my favorite part of the whole situation is getting to take impromptu "field trips". Jade still attends Pre-K two days a week, so often it is on those days that we get out a bit more.

Our part of Texas has finally gotten some rain! Yesterday morning it was coming down as we dropped Jade off at school. Already in our raincoats, with umbrellas in hand, I knew just where we could go...the White Rock Spillway. Jade is terrified to even drive near it when it has been raining, but Lily? Lily was all smiles.

It rained on us as we walked, but it was so worth taking in the sights and sounds of all the rushing water.

It started to clear up as we were leaving. Time for one more pic...

...and then it was back to school!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your hair!

Jade's 4th birthday party was a true success in my book. She felt loved and celebrated, she had a good time with friends, and I had an outlet for some creativity and planning.

Inspired by Tangled, the decor consisted of lanterns, purple/sun banners, and lots of hair!

Please know that all ideas were found by simply googling "Rapunzel Party Ideas" and a bunch of printables came from SuperMom's website.

The braid has become quite the entertainment after the party.

The girls take turns hooking it into their own hair and running around with it. I have also seen it used as a jump rope. And have laughed when I hear the girls say things like, "don't step on my hair!", "oh, that's just my looong hair!", or my favorite- "Duke! Let go of my hair!".

We started the party with a little coloring while we waited for all the guests to arrive.

Then I donned each of the girls' heads with a headband of long hair.

I played a read aloud of Disney's Tangled to refresh the kiddos' memory of the story. Mainly about Flynn Rider and how Rapunzel used the frying pan to defend herself. Also about her friend Pascal. Knowing these things would help our craft and game to make sense!

For the craft we made these Pascal blowouts.

I think they turned out really cute.

The game was "Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider". It was really enjoyed by everyone, even the 3 "older" girls (Sis Lily, cuz Avery, and big sib Sophie).

I love their blind folded smiles!

Probably the biggest hit of the party though was the food. I kept it simple with fruit skewers and cheese cubes. A fun part was making the blue jello "boats"...inspired by the boat scene in the movie. The girls helped me prepare them and they were gobbled up quickly at the party.

The most fun for me though was making the "tower" and cupcakes. Though as a six year old I dreamed of being a cake decorator, I had actually never held a piping bag full icing until two nights before the party. I started practicing on a plate and almost gave up. I was just trying to figure out how to make leaves or grass. Its amazing though what a little late night YouTube video instruction can do. It turns out I needed to thin the icing a bit to have the right consistency for what I wanted to do. I was happy with how it turned out. Dollar store faux flowers were the toppers on the cupcakes.

We sang happy birthday before diving into the food. Jade got all shy on us. So cute!

I love Lily's expression as Jade is trying to blow the candles out. She really wanted to help her but refrained. Good girl!

We all filled our plates and then the kids enjoyed a little bit of free play.

Then Jade decided she really wanted to open her gifts. I wasn't sure this activity would hold the attention of all the kids, but as you can see they were all over it!

I had them pose for a group shot at the end and then Jade passed out the "Rapunzel Paints". The girls got to take home their hair headbands and Pascal of course as well.

It was fun, but by that time I was so ready to put my foot up!

And I did! While the grandparents stayed to watch her open "family" presents. All the presents were loved except the one from her mommy and daddy! It was so funny when she opened this snow cone machine. I guess she thought it was just a pretend one and we overhead her telling Lily that she could have it if she wanted it. Then Jade mentioned to Jerry, "Wasn't that nice of me?"!! Later when she realized it made real snowcones she asked for it back though!

Her great uncle got her a wig and then she was transformed...

One last picture:

These guys really did the bulk of the work for the party. With Jerry taking a Greek intensive during the summer while working crazy hours, and with my job always being busy at the beginning of the month, the grandparents showed up early and worked their tails off until party time!

I appreciated their help so much...not much they won't do for their grandkids! And somehow I usually seem to benefit from that! ;)

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