Thursday, November 1, 2007

I've Been Wearing a New Fragrance

Some of you may have noticed I've been rather fragrant've been too kind to comment, but I thought I'd go ahead and fess up to the source of this lovely aroma. It is a new scent called Spit Up by Jade Amelia. It seems as if I'm never without it....early morning or late at can always be smelled in its various stages. In fact, our whole family wears it. And often innocent visitors get a dab of it! Common phrases that have been heard around our house lately: uh, oh, there she blows... oh, quick, find the burp rag...darn it, where is that burp rag...I think we need the resolve again...why is my neck and for that matter a good part of my back suddenly feeling warm...yuck, that was a doozy, I think you may need to change clothes...mommy, Jade just threw up on me...where is the fabric cleaner...ugh, that is the third outfit change of the day...oh good, she missed me, I'll get you a towel!

The crazy thing is that none of this bothers Jade at all. She is the most content smiley baby you've ever seen or met. We know the probable causes...too much movement, too much bottle, maybe wrong formula, etc...and you've seen how huge she is so maybe we do feed her too much!?! But if you heard the painful cries she gives when a tiny, single, 1cc, minute drop of milk is left in the bottle, you'd give in too! I'll mention it to the doc next week at her checkup, but until then, at least you know the source of my new fragrance!

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wads and bob said...

LOVE the blog! Where do you find the time??? :) I am very impresssed. The girls are so adorable in their costumes...I can't believe how big Jade is getting. I am sorry she is a spit-upper. I always seem to carry around extra clothes for everyone but me, and somehow I'm the one who always needs them! Anyways, glad all is going well.

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