Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Trips 3, 4, & 5?

I can't even remember now...

I have seriously lost count.
But one thing's for sure...

They never get old!
This girl is sure getting old though.

You will be greeted by her skeleton creation if you come by to Trick or Treat!

Sadly just as it gets cool enough to enjoy these fall activities, they pack up and we have to wait again 'til next year. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Lord's Prayer - For Grandparent's Eyes Only

Why? Why would I not want to share with everyone when my sweet Kindergartner recited The Lord's Prayer in chapel last week with another class?

*the camera-it's shaky.
*tripod was needed.
* might get ill.
*the video-it's grainy. I was way too far back!
*if you haven't been studying Lily since birth, like they have, you may not be able to identify her.
*the constant clicking...I was surrounded by paparazzi.
*my husband. He was one of them. I told him to.
*the flashing. It could cause a seizure. My blog is not insured.

You were warned!

On a more serious note, I love that they not only memorized this passage, but that they really learned the meaning behind each petition.

We had her first parent-teacher conference two weeks ago. We were a bit nervous. Not as much worried about the academic part as we were other things. Does she stay on task? Does she listen? Is she respectful? Kind? Helpful?

When we arrived I think I was in nervous chatter mode...and her teacher paused and said, "Shall we begin in prayer?". My heart sank. I thought we were either really in for it or this is the most amazing teacher we could have ever picked for Lily.

Turns out she has a pretty amazing teacher! Whew!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Randomness, please exit my brain!

Maybe if I record the randomness floating in my head I will actually sleep when it finally hits the pillow. Here's to hoping!

*I created an Evite for a little Halloween shindig. Created it Saturday morning and then their site went down. The dern thing still has not gone out. Grrr....

*I love Whataburger's ketchup. It is the best. It totally deserves the name "fancy". I also love how Whataburger's menu items are rounded to the $ and tax is included.

*I actually don't frequent Whataburger often. Seriously.

*Tonight at Super Target the lady commented on how it was like I arranged all of my items on the belt in perfect bagging order. Of course...doesn't everybody? Must be that cashier job I had back in high school.

*Enough of the risque hoochie mama Halloween costumes...

*I think I have our costumes figured out for Living History Day at Lily's school. Two are actually bought...two I have to order yet.

*There is a bare wooden shield sitting in my living room. Needs to be painted and transformed into something spectacular for the previously mentioned event. Lord help me! The note from the school said that they hoped this would be a project we enjoyed doing with our child. I hope so too.

*Our Texas Rangers are in the World Series. I am thrilled for my father-in-law! I have known that man for almost 16 years now...and he has been hopeful of something big like this every season. It has finally happened!

*I have begun reading my first ever Francine Rivers book. People have been telling me to for years...wish I hadn't waited so long. Amazing stuff!

*My hubby installed a cat door to let our kitties (all THREE of them) in/out of our garage to do their business. Not having their food or litter box in our house has been life changing.

*Jerry will be travelling to India & Indonesia as well as possibly Nepal and Thailand next year. In one trip. Still trying to get my head around that one. Sounds like many, many days and nights without a daddy around.

*After having Lily start Kindergarten this year, I finally realize what Summer is all about. I am looking forward to Summer.

*It has been in the high 80s here...completely too hot for the end of October.

*Today I made a rare trip to the office for my part-time job. My normally 40 minute commute turned into 2.5 hours on the way home. That is 150 minutes of my life that I will never get to live again. What a waste!

*Guess what arrived in the mail today? Our Christmas card order! Woo hoo...I have no excuse not to get those babies mailed on time this year.

Well, I think that about does it.

Nighty, night.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Goblins in the Garden

Or in our case, Mermaids in the Garden...

Boo, that daddy was sick and couldn't go with us. The girls had a great time trick-or-treating a week early! Not one Reeses was scored by mommy though. Halloween night better produce!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Tex! State Fair of Texas Fun!

Well, we waited til the last possible day to attend the Texas State Fair, but it did not disappoint.

I mean, seriously...where in one place in just a matter of hours can you:

meet a huge talking cowboy,
drive your baby sister around in a mustang 5.0,

give your best rockstar impression,

plan your next camping trip,

go rock climbing,

hold your daddy's hand,

demonstrate the truest sisterly love, (sharing a fletcher's corny dog!)

demonstrate your patriotism,

at least contemplate riding the ferris wheel, ;)

hold a freshly released butterfly,

watch a milking parlor demonstration,

go in a crazy fun house with mommy,

give the exit a second try,

AND attack your first candy apple ever?

Only at the State Fair of Texas.

What? What do you mean my face is a mess?

It's kind of like being able to load up a basket at Wal-Mart with a can of paint, a tray of sushi, and some lingerie.

Kind of.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October...slow down please!

Ah...I just love October. The weather is perfect and there are sooo many fun fall activities going on.

You could find me at any one of the million pumpkin patches in the area, the Dallas Arboretum or of course the State Fair of Texas...any fine day of this month.

I just wished it lasted longer. Jerry has a training all day this me it is a crime! Being cooped up in a classroom? On a Saturday? In October? Pure craziness.

While I won't take on the State Fair of Texas without him, we have too many pumpkin patches to visit to wait for daddy! Jade didn't have preschool today, so we sent Lily on her way and headed with some friends to explore the "Great Pumpkin Festival" going on at the arboretum.

We visited the petting zoo,

Posed for pictures at the pumpkin houses,

Stopped for some pumpkin stew,

Got some other great shots,

and of course saw lots of pumpkins, other squash and gourds.

Can you pick out the Apple Gourds? How about the Peanut Pumpkins or Tiger Striped Pumpkins? Or my favorites, the Long Neck Swan Gourds? Sadly, I can identify all of them.

Just call me the pumpkin lady. I'll be here all month.

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