Monday, April 6, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It never ceases to amaze me how during the Elmo's World portion of Sesame street they can take one little thing and pound it into your kid's head over and over and over again. Whether it is skin or teeth or nostrils as it was today, there will be songs, interviews, movies, etc all on this one topic. For some reason nostrils caught my attention as I was making breakfast this morning. They went on a hunt for an animal with just one nostril but kept finding animals with two of them until they came to the dolphin...whose blowhole is apparently a single nostril. Who knew?

Anyway, I'm just glad I was paying attention as the waffles toasted, otherwise my later conversation with Lily might have been a little more alarming. On the way to swim lessons she wondered if I knew that she had two astronauts in her nose.
Me: Astronauts? In your nose? (thinking of any little space toy she could have shoved up there)
Lily: Yes, mommy. I have two, but dolphins only have one.
Me: Oh, you mean nostrils. (sigh of relief)


She is also rather perturbed about our pet situation. Namely that we don't have any. Months ago, I tried to get her excited about the lone shrimp that is still alive in our Ecosphere, and convince her that it could be her pet. Forget the fact that she can't hold it or love on doesn't need to be fed or watered and I don't have to clean up it's poop. Works for me. Anyway, the other morning she was up at the counter messing with it and I heard her mumbling under her breath, "A shrimp? Man, I don't want a shrimp...I want a DOG."


I also have to record that for months now she has called her heartbeat a heartbeep.


And now Jade is talking enough to keep mommy on her toes as well.

We're encouraging sitting on the potty and I'm trying to praise Lily for going when Jade is around hoping that Jade will get interested in the idea.

So occasionally Jade will wander in when I'm actually trying to use the restroom and mutter praise to me..."Mommy? Mommy potty? Yay, Mommy"!

It is pretty cute...until last weekend we were in a crowded bathroom at church and I had her in the stall with me. She started praising me about the potty in an audible voice and then proceeded onto the pee pee vs. poo poo questions.

I was dying as Jade was announcing, "Mommy, tee tee? No? Oh...Mommy Poo Poo! Poo poo, Mommy?" Never mind the fact that absolutely nothing stinky was going on...she had just gotten herself talking and there was no going back.

How many shades of red are there?

I'm hoping Jerry will get to find out next Sunday when I send her pottying with him.

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Angela said...

I laughed out loud when I read your paragraph about Elmo's world. We just saw that episode and for the life of me I was trying to figure out which animal only had one nostril.

Jennifer Rutherford said...

I laughed when I read the "mommy poopy part!" Oh how I love those bathroom incidents! I think it happens to every mom! :)

life with the wisners said...

dude, i LOVE hearing pooping and potty talk. i love it. sad just how much. thanks. i needed that.

AmyB said...

Your kids have had some great lines lately! I love Lily and the 2 astronauts in her nose!

Tricia Hoffmann said...

Ah yes, the dreaded poo or pee in the public restroom. What's worse is that, being pregnant, when I can go, I go and certainly don't want to lie :) The other day one of her friends was getting tubes in her ears. Trinity said in a very solemn voice "Poor Reagan has to get her tubes tied". HA! I wish they would bring back Kids Say The Darndest Things!

Melissa S. said...

Oh, yes. C.J. also likes to announce when he hears someone else pooping. That's always fun. Especially if it's especially stinky because that will really get him going!

Alana said...

Cute! Can I give you a little advice and tell you to stay firm on the pet thing? I'm so wishing we had a shrimp instead a dog right now! Only if you want another thing to take care of...and really LOVE dogs.

Rachelle said...

I would stick with the shrimp.... My grandma wants to get the boys Lizards!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!

jennybell said...

With an almost 6 year old, I don't get very many "kid funnies" anymore, but you did remind me of one - my son used to say "harpbeep" for "heartbeat" and "soupcase" for "suitcase". I wonder if "t's" sound like "p's" to little ears?

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

I had a few of those embarrasing public restroom incidents when my boys were little. Thanks for the laugh!

jennifer said...

I see someone else isn't afraid to blog about poop. NIIICE!

I laughed out loud like 3 times...especially the shrimp comment. Cracking me up!

Raggedy Girl said...

Come on Mommie...a shrimp for a pet.

Really cute post!

Happy Tuesday
from Roberta Anne

Ann said...

Love the "potty talk"...We have had that conversation MANY times too. How they love to embarrass us with out even trying to!! Too cute!

Wilson Family said...

I say this everytime I comment, but you are hilarious! This time its just me being jealous that you actually remember those hilarious things your kids say and post them.:) When Conner was potty training his first time back to church he announced loudly (and I know its already loud so probably no one heard him, but even if one person did it was just cause for the embarrassement I felt)... "Mommy, I need to make a big turd!" Obviously a word his daddy thought would be funny to teach him!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

This is laugh out loud funny, girl. I just felt for you, sitting in the stall and hearing Jade go on and on...ha! Savannah hasn't done that in public to me (yet!) but she loves being my personal cheerleader when I'm doing my business at home. I guess that's what we get for telling them they do SUCH a good job when they're potty training, huh?

Melissa :) said...

The potty talk. Been there, done that. Makes you want to never leave your stall. LOL

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