Friday, October 26, 2007

Okay, Okay, I'm In!!

Well, the time has are my top ten reasons to start blogging! I am starting my blog with a top ten I a dork or what?!?

10. So you will be able to witness my dorkiness on a regular basis!
9. I have such a bad memory...maybe blogging will be the way I keep the family history straight! (Kelly and Jerry will appreciate this!)
8. This seems easier to me than MySpace.
7. My friend's blogs are too fun to resist.
6. My girls...this will keep me from sending mass emails with all their cute pictures!
5. So my feelings won't be hurt when you don't reply telling me how cute their pictures are!
4. Where else can I put those random thoughts that come to me at 3AM?
3. I'm a mom...I need a place to whine, celebrate, complain, brag, discuss, question...and everything else that comes with the territory!
2. Because even though Jerry will complain about it, I KNOW he will secretly read it!
1. YOU! You are actually here reading it!

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