Monday, March 17, 2008

Potty Training Boot Camp!

We are on the third day of my hubby's 10 consecutive days off from work! Yippee! How are we going to spend our time? Grand vacation? Trip to the beach? No, oh, no...none of those things would do. We are instead running a Potty Training Boot Camp! We already have our very first enrollee...Lily Grace Gibson! And considering our success with potty training in the past, we've decided one student is all we can handle. So, sorry folks, enrollment has been closed.

You may be wondering why we are just now attempting to potty train our 3 1/2 year old. It's actually been going on for some time now...about 15 months to be exact. Oh the excuses we could give...we have been on track several times, and then Jade was born, and then we realized there was a medical issue too. I won't go into all of that...I really don't want to relive it, and plus who wants to read details like: chronic constipation, will not poo in potty, Miralax, will not poo in potty, abdominal x-ray, will not poo in potty, rectal exam, will not poo in potty, mineral oil, will not poo in potty, deinnervation of the rectum, will not poo in potty, absolute frustration, will not poo in potty, serious prayers, will not poo in potty, more rectal exams, will not poo in potty, visit to Pediatric Gastroenterologist, will not poo in potty, Benefiber, will not poo in potty...All of this while we have poo poo prizes, charts, videos, treats, rewards, and THREATS (just kidding) in place.

So anyway, we now have an "All Clear" from the Pedi GI, so we are pulling out all the stops this week...let the Potty Training Boot Camp begin!!

I promise no pictures...even if we have success! Wish us luck though...better yet, say a prayer for us!! We are dealing with one "precocious" little the GI said over and over and over again.


Rachelle said...

Pooper Prayers coming right up!

wads and bob said...

Fun times for spring break! Happy pooping to Lily :)

life with the wisners said...

hey, i'll send pooping prayers any day.

i'm thinking about potty training right now, and my stomach is in knots. we've got one down and one to go.

yes, we have mutual friends. one who commented right before me. :) my sweet bff. and sarah.

i don't envy you at all right now. but can't wait to hear all the wonderful news when it happens.

Carol said...

It is so nice to hear from you. I know we have not visited in months, maybe a year but I feel like I haven’t missed a beat. The girls are gorgeous!
P.S Your post about your purse really made me laugh. I thought to myself, thank goodness I haven’t done that. THEN---I took off from my campus (in Pleasant Grove) yesterday afternoon forgetting to put my laptop in my trunk and leaving it on the sidewalk. In fact I didn't realize until the following day. Thank God for honest people!

Michelle said...

Good Luck with the boot camp. I know she'll do great. Have you found Lily's magic treat yet? Sweet Pea's was ice cream sandwiches :-) (only pieces at a time).

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Tag you're it!

Kim said...

Oh, how funny! I am right there with you...Jack Henry has just turned 3 and we are still in diapers...but hopefully this summer when it is warm we can get going really seriously with it! He sits on the potty all the time, just nothing to show for it!

This was funny, but I know it might feel frustrating will happen. I hope boot camp goes well.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Did you say Lily Grace? Because you just described Eva Rose to a T. We are glory glory hallelujah 7 stickers in with 3 more to go until she earns a poopoo party playdate with Aunt Shelly including ice cream. Took a year to figure out what her price was. I do have a photograph of the most beautiful turn ever made. I will be happy to email it to you for inspiration.

I finally just told her I was not going to clean up her poop anymore. Put her in panties, and when she pooped in them, she could either clean her panties or I threw them away. She cleaned them once - NOT happily. Then she actually came up with the idea of a playdate as her prize. And out of the blue, she started pooping.

How is it going? My unsolicited advice - be low low drama. "Oh, no, Tinkerbelle panties have to go in the trash. That is so sad." Precocious little drama queens like to see us get flabbergasted. And when she does do it, I won't have to tell you to praise her to the moon because I know you will be turning genuine cartwheels.

The PCA world is small indeed! We have visited PCPC a few times when we visited Dallas. We were Christ the Kingers, Leo married us, but now we are attending a PCUSA church near us because we couldn't hack the drive in anymore. Same Dave Stotts! Walker was in RUF at A&M, that is how he knows most people, but we met Dave thru BSF. I know (and adore) the Lukers thru Susan K.


Tricia Hoffmann said...

I think you are just nicer than I am. I am a militant mom. Trinity is doing pretty well. Well, except for the egg hunt in our neighborhood. We were at the park when "I need to go potty". Try going in the grass like the dogs do because we were 100 yards from potty. She peed all over herself and me and then we walked home. The things we go through for our kids. AT least you know there's nothing wrong with her. That's a huge answer to prayer in itself. Miss you much!

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