Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Skinny Mocha, I will miss you.

To me, each unnecessary carb I avoid equals a few less minutes of cardio for me to accomplish in the rare case I should make it to the gym.

So, I really try to avoid unnecessary carbs. One easy way to do that is in drinks. Coffee drinks. Even though I know even the ants won't eat fake sugar, and that it is bad for me, I just don't seem to notice the fake sugar taste when it is in a drink. In a dessert...don't even try to fool me. Unless that dessert is a grande flavored latte from Starbucks.

Until recently my order at the Starbucks drive through sounded something like this (after their way too friendly introduction of themselves):

I'm fine, thank you. No, I really don't want to try that today, I just want a tall, non-fat, sugar-free, hazelnut latte, with extra foam please.

A mouthful that I always had to think through before they offered me some weird drink of the month and threw me off kilter. God forbid if I had wanted it iced or with whip. Too many details to remember. And if I'm in the Starbucks drive through line at any time of day with two kids in tow...I don't need any extra stress.

Then those brainy people at Starbucks came up with a great idea. I guess they grew tired of us having to use so many words just to order a cup of coffee. The new word? Skinny. Yep, skinny. No longer "non-fat, sugar-free"...now all you have to say is "skinny". I just love that.

Then they added all these new sugar-free flavored syrups. Beyond vanilla and hazelnut. Flavors like mocha, cinnamon dulce and others. I quickly favored mocha.

But today when I went through to order my tall, extra foamy, skinny mocha, I heard this: We no longer have that ma'am. To which I said, "You are out of it?" No, sadly, it has been discontinued. Discontinued? Ugh.

Don't be fooled by the fact that it is still on the menu.

Thankfully Skinny Cinnamon Dulce comes in at a close second. I'm thinking that it is going to take many, many visits though to adequately readjust my taste buds.

Farewell, Skinny Mocha.


Heidi Day said...

You are so funny and I liked this little light-hearted post. I love the carmel, strawberry and the java chip frapuccinos. It just depends on what mood I'm in as to what I order. Lots of fat, just the way I like them. Altho' I try not to indulge in this habit too often.

I also ask for their coffee grounds twice a year for my flower beds! Smells so good!! And the plants love it!


Rachelle said...

I'm a Chai girl....but, I have to tell you, my new addiction is this place called Tropical Smoothie....Huge smoothie, $3.99, made with splenda, under 200 calories....It is a great way to cool off on our temps of 95 we have been having for the last week...it is my only saving grace with no A/C...

Jenn said...

That is always the way, as soon as you really like something from somewhere they no longer have it! The one you had doesn't sound bad though.

R said...

no way! that's the ultimate cruelty. right up there with a color and/or formula of liptick or foundation being discontinued...which seems to happen to me every couple of years or so.

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