Thursday, March 17, 2011

The girl can make a list...

My time playing Jerry's assistant up at the church has come to an end! Though it was fun and the extra $$$ will be missed, I am super excited to have life back to "normal".

The girls are on Spring Break, and we are about to venture on our first ever camping trip as a family. I suggested that Lily make a list of items she would like to take camping:

Sorry the first two are blurry...I guess I am not good at the iPhone camera. Anyways, when she realized she had misspelled "dog" as "god"....she quickly decided that we need to bring Him along too!

Why yes, we are bringing our DOG! Meet our new puppy, Duke!

He is our 12 week old German Shepherd! Lily refers to him as our German Pepper. ;) I am most worried about the breed's nickname of German Shedder though!

More info to come on him later.

Back to the camping packing list, in order left to right, top to bottom:

tent, sleeping bag, backpack, God, dog, book, okra, bike, leash, bug spray, sunglasses, camera, sunscreen, game, 100 piece puzzle, Bob Book, and puppy food.

I think the only item not making the cut is the fried okra! Though it might be worth trying!
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