Friday, January 30, 2009

Giveaway Winners

It's time to announce the winners of the giveaways I had this week. I'm always so interested see how the random number generator will work...this time it truly seems random to me.

The $25 GAP giftcard giveaway drew 622 is crazy to me to think the last 613 entrants did so in vain.... chose:

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lissa, who said...

love Gap...enter me, I'm also having a giveaway if you want to drop by...

you have a lovely blog here, hope you are enjoying your day.

January 26, 2009 9:06 AM

The Dark Chocolate giveaway had 146 comments and chose for it to go to:

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Timestamp: 2009-01-31 04:03:09 UTC

Jesica, who said...

the chocolate loves me and wants to come to my house and live with me :)

January 29, 2009 6:40 PM

Thanks for playing along...come back and visit again soon!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Maybe if I just looked cute in a toboggan

Maybe then? Maybe then I would like cold weather?

I've been to your blogs and have seen all your pretty snow pictures, but I honestly don't know how y'all live with it...for months.

It needs to hurry up and get warm here again already. I cannot stand being cold. I don't want to even go downstairs in my house when it is cold. I'm sure there is a scientific reason it is always 10 degrees colder down there. It makes me not even want to shower...and it is upstairs where it is "warm".

On Tuesday morning, our first "ice" day of this week, I jumped up to get everyone changed, milked, fed, and dressed so we could rush off to Lily's preschool. The 8:30 start time is killing me. Before we left, I glanced in the mirror to see that my hair was in need of a serious washing. It was cold enough to wear a hat, so I thought I'd throw on my little GAP toboggan. Doesn't 80% of your body heat escape through your head? Something like that.

Oh my. I am so not cute in hats.

So, I threw it off not caring what I looked like. Greasy hair vs. not being able to pull off the toboggan look...well, it was a toss up.

It didn't matter anyway. The streets were empty and all the schools were closed. Even though it was just cold and dry. Note to self: if there is a threat of any form of cold precipitation even in the not so near the news, Kerry.

We had a true ice day yesterday, and although we opted not to slide down our driveway in laundry baskets, we did make a quick run to Kohls where Lily totally busted it in the parking lot. I know her hiney is sore.

Then I did my own little diddy this morning in the Kroger parking lot. It was one of those times that I am positive it would have looked much more graceful to completely fall over. But I held my own and slid around like an idiot without biting it. I think I even made some sound effects too. How embarrassing.

That's when I got mad at the cold. I mean, it has been cold for days on end. How do y'all do it for weeks and months at a time? I would be a very bitter person.

I think I had my fill last weekend when we spent 4 hours outdoors as the temperature hovered around freezing. As a Christmas gift to my father-in-law we got tickets to go to the Texas Rangers Fanfest last Saturday. I am not even a Rangers Fan. Definitely not a fan of the cold. But I do love my father-in-law...and spending hours in the cold was not going to detour him from celebrating his favorite team.

Sure, there were indoor a quick jaunt through the locker room and the hall of fame museum, but everything else was outside. We ran the bases, caught pop-ups, pitched in the bullpen, got autographs, sat in the dugout and Lily enjoyed all sorts of interactive inflatables (one of them was manned by Mr. Hart...anyone remember him...our old JHigh principal?).

It was so cold. Toboggan worthy cold.

See how cute my girls look in their toboggans?

Even my hubby and father-in-law can pull the look off.

Jerry handed me mine in the car and I put it on without a mirror in sight.

It even looks goofy from the back...I promise I don't have any front shots.

Actually there was one taken in front of this scoreboard. Thank goodness it is safe with my mother-in-law.

Maybe I just don't know how to wear it. Probably need to pull it down more. Is it possible that my head is just oddly shaped? I give up.

Jade's toboggan even compliments her as she sleeps.

We're headed to the stock show and rodeo this Saturday...maybe a cowgirl hat is the look I need. Of course by then it is supposed to be 70 degrees. Praise His holy name.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A snow day would be know...if we actually had SNOW!

I knew something was up when I awoke this morning. The sunlight peeking around my room darkening shades seemed a little brighter and reflective. Our street was super quiet. The same way it was on the quiet summer afternoon when we decided on this house. When the three schools and two baseball fields on it weren't in session.

I popped open the shades hoping to see some white fluffy stuff...the stuff of dreams around here. Instead I was greeted by the familiar sight of ice pellets. Crunchy, slippery, shiny ice pellets. We have been robbed of a true snow day yet again. Don't get me wrong...schools are closed, actually they were closed yesterday too...because a threat of sleet was looming for the afternoon. Only in Texas do they close down because of a threat of ice. It didn't start coming down until after rush hour.

As I sit here longing for some fluffy, powdery, playful snow...I am trying to think of a way to avoid watching the play by play action on TV when as they say, "the weather is the news". No snowmen to make and ice balls are just too painful. Our driveway has a slight hill...maybe we could slide down it a few times? Hmm...we don't exactly have saucers or sleds in these parts. I'm thinking laundry baskets or recycling bin lids.

Which one of those screams "white trash" less loudly?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Honest Scrap and other blog awards

I've had a couple of fellow blogging gals pass along some fun little awards to me lately and I am very delinquent in sending them on their way. Forgive me for that and a couple of tags that I've failed to complete also.

Where does the time go? As I finished putting away way too much laundry today I pondered the thought of our family going naked for a few weeks so I could get caught up. That wouldn't be a pretty sight around here, but it is still tempting.

Anyway, I'd like to spread the love and finally pass these awards on today.

I'll start with the least delinquent one that Lacie gave to me last week. I'm supposed to list 10 honest things about myself- and make it interesting, even if I have to dig deep. Then I need to pass the award on to 5 bloggers that I feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Hmm...interesting? I'm going to go with more random, little known facts.

1. I am a number freak. I have the ability to remember random dates and numbers from when I was a kid...dates of friend's birthdays from long ago, hymn numbers, even my first childhood phone number.

2. I lose my keys at least twice weekly. Last week I "lost" them in my car and had to miss Lily's swim lesson (thankfully we made it up later).

3. I've moved 7 times in the past 10 years.

4. Elvis Presley died on my first birthday.

5. I am somehow related to "Buffalo Bill" Cody. I need to track down the details. Mom?

6. I am deathly afraid of swimming pool drains.

7. I wore glasses one day in 5th grade and then conveniently "lost" them. Was blind for two years before talking my mom into getting me contacts in 7th grade.

8. I am so blind that I once took a shower surrounded by ants and didn't even know it until Jerry got in after me and freaked out when he saw them.

9. I only put my makeup on in the car. So if you come to my door before I've driven will see one pale face in need of lipstick.

10. In junior high I used to let my best friend iron my with a real iron on the ironing board. Stupid.

I'd love to hear some Honest Scrap from Amy, Jennifer R., Janet , Raggedy Girl, and Jennifer.

Thank you, Carolina Mama, for awarding me this next one that I get to share with 8 bloggers whose blogs show an "Investment and belief in proximity - nearness of space, time and relationships".
I'd like to award it to Laura, Tammy, Michelle, Kristi, Gwendolyn, Sara, Debbie, and Lisa.

And Jackie was so sweet to give me this cute one that I'm passing on to Rachelle...she's the one that got me into this whole blogging mess to begin with...and FaceBook as well.

I'm surprised my husband still likes her. Obviously he does since he now also blogs and FaceBooks too.

Thanks ladies...I enjoy stopping by all of your blogs and hope you have a fun time passing these along.

Dark Chocolate Giveaway

***This giveaway is now closed***

Please take this gorgeous chocolate off my hands before it ruins my diet.
Twilight Delight...yep, that's right...exactly when it calls my name.

I know, I know...dark chocolate is good for you...yada, yada, is full of antioxidants...,yada, yada, yada...but right now it is still a diet wrecker for me.

I tend to keep my diet pretty low in sugar, but am pretty flexible with dark chocolate treats. After the holidays though I am having to be stricter with my carb intake. Aren't you lucky that I'm having this issue?

Want it? It can be yours.

1. Leave me a comment and be sure to include your e-mail address if you don't have a blog with contact info.
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This contest will close on Friday at 10PM when I will randomly pick a winner. You will be contacted by e-mail. I will mail it anywhere in the US.

Thanks for saving my diet!

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$25 GAP Giftcard Giveaway

***This giveaway is now closed***
It is time for the Bloggy Giveaways carnival again, and since I had so much fun participating last go round, I thought I'd do it again.

I was originally thinking of giving away a Starbucks giftcard, but I am currently irritated at them. I feel like holding them personally responsible for sabotaging my diet. My fave is the "skinny" cinnamon dulce latte. It is low in sugar and fat and tastes excellent. Not too fake sugary tasting, but just enough that you know it is not the real deal. Well, the last two times I've ordered it, I'm nearly positive it wasn't "skinny" at all. It just tasted too good.

So, I'm giving away a $25 giftcard to The GAP instead. I do have it in my possession already, and would love to show you a picture of it, but it has recently gotten cold here in Texas and I'm too lazy to go downstairs and brave the cold to retrieve my camera out of the car.

Hopefully this little GAP logo is enticing enough.

If you'd like to enter, just leave me a comment that links to your blog or an e-mail address if you do not have a blog with contact info.

Would you like two chances to win?

Just grab my button (the code is in my left sidebar right underneath my followers), paste it on the sidebar of your blog, and come back to leave me another comment letting me know you have done so.

I look forward to meeting some new bloggers and visiting your pages. I'd love for you to "Follow Me", so I can easily pay you a visit in the future. Leave me an additional comment if you do and that will count as a third entry.

This giveaway is only open to people with US mailing addresses and will close on Friday (1/30) at 10:00 PM CST when I will use the random number generator to pick and announce a winner. Good luck!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Pretty Piggies

It’s probably getting obvious that I recently skimmed through 1700+ pictures. During the process of getting 2008’s memories off of my hard drive and into Shutterfly’s care, I came across a few pictures that I remember intending to post.

I only mention it because I keep posting pictures when they were dressed for summer…because it actually was summer. Actually yesterday Lily could have totally worn this outfit. In January. When it was in the mid 70s and we hung out at the park before enjoying snow cones.

While the rest of you are able to make snow cones fresh out of your backyard, we can actually visit a permanently standing building year round and have one made for us. They even sell snowballs too. How else could we ever experience those sorts of things here in Texas?

Anyway. See these little piggies?

They belong to this freshly pampered girl.

It was actually the weekend of her potty training success. Jade was being loved on by the Gibsons a couple of hours away, while we were focusing on toilet issues with Lily for a weekend. We had taken a break for a quick haircut, when afterward she peeked into the windows of a nail salon that was next door.

What’s this place, mama? When I told her it was a place that did nails, the requests for painted fingers and toes came flowing pretty quickly. When I peeked in and saw that they weren’t busy, I decided to give it a try.

It was great. I got a pedicure while they totally pampered her.

Fingers and toes for the girl, they asked?

Sure, why not.

Flowers painted too? Just $2.00 more.


Apparently I was a little too relaxed because I assumed that meant two bucks for flowers on her hands, feet, forehead, wherever they decided to put them.

Naivety. Really not my friend.

Thankfully they only painted them on her thumbs and big toes, because she wasn’t very patient sitting under the drying lights. I was glad I snapped these pictures before we even got in the car…within minutes she had smeared 8 bucks worth of flowers right off.

We’ve been sticking to the playroom variety of pedicures since then. The flowers I paint are cheap...because they are non-existent.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My pot lids have a home. Do yours?

We’ve moved many times over the course of our near 10 year marriage. Seven times to be exact. A couple of those moves were quick jaunts with the parents in between house deals, but still...we’ve had more than our share of moves. We weren’t running from the law or in financial trouble, just had a hard time figuring out where we wanted to live...old house, new house, in the city, in the burbs, etc, etc.

One little kitchen gadget as followed me on each one of those moves...and no matter how spacious or cramped our kitchen has been, it has served its purpose and served it well.

Just stick this little baby on the inside of any of your cabinet doors or on the inside wall of a cabinet...and have yourself the best way to store pot and pan lids ever. Goodbye to the days when they slid out and landed on your toe and took up valuable storage space.

I guarantee you that if you have one you’ll be making sure it makes it with you on all of your future moves too.

What kitchen storage item is on your “can’t live without it” list?

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Monday, January 19, 2009

18 months

Jade turned 18 months old last week. I was waiting until I could get her pictures made before I did this little post.

I'm somewhat of a picture fanatic. I like to have them taken every 3 months until they are 18 months old and then every 6 months until they are 3 years old. From then on, annually seems often enough.

So, I've had many experiences at the portrait studio. Mind you we've never had a true professional photographer do any of these. We've gone the route of the teenager taking a few shots and then giving you what seems like hundreds of pictures for mere pennies.

We have had nothing but positive experiences. I wasn't expecting anything different for Jade's 18 month photos. So we bought her a little raincoat, boots and umbrella combo and I had already begun imagining all the fun shots they would capture. You know, as she pranced around with the umbrella, spinning it and playing around.

Not exactly what happened. She apparently was all of a sudden frightened by the white backdrop/flooring and wouldn't go anywhere near it. This went on for some amount of time until they pulled down this gray sheet type thingy. Then she would at least stand there, but only with a "I don't know who you are or what you are trying to do with that camera, but I'm not smiling", kind of look on her face.

They actually asked us to reschedule. I couldn't believe it. I was a little irritated as we gathered our stuff and began walking out. Then the photographer suggested we take a peek at them just in case we liked one.

Although it isn't anything like what I had envisioned, there was one that captured a very typical Jade look that we liked. In the interest of not having to go anywhere near the portrait studio for another 6 months, we got the $9.99 package and left.

Jade, in honor of you turning 18 months old, here are 18 things that Mommy and Daddy never want to forget about you at this precious stage:

1. You are our resident shoe herder. You are constantly rounding up shoes and trying to find bare feet to put them on.

2. You want your shoes on first thing in the morning. Even before your diaper is changed or you have had your milk.

3. You are very bothered by young babies who don't wear shoes yet. You will repeatedly say, "No, shoes. Shoes off"!

4. I have stopped keeping track of all of your new words. It appears that you are going to be very verbal, just like your sister. One that you repeatedly use your own form of is "oboe" for open.

5. When Lily finally wakes up in the morning you can't wait to rush to her door and shout "Hi-eee!" over and over again to her dismay.

6. You try so hard to say "sister", but it comes out more like "shish-sher". It is mainly funny because of how much effort you are putting into saying it.

7. You really like "pooh-pooh" (Winnie the Pooh) and "melmo" (Elmo) right now. You always sleep with one or both of them and of course your beloved "bay" (blanket).

8. You started walking! You really took off on your own at the Staples office supply store of all places on December 4th. Two days shy of being 17 months old. The ECI therapy paid off and you are doing great now.

9. My favorite part of you walking is that when I am sitting on the floor you will very carefully back your self up to me and plop down in my lap. You are very determined and calculative in figuring out how to do this. It is so sweet.

10. Although you have become a little pickier about what you will eat, you still love food. Mac-n-cheese, veggies and any variety of eggs are your favorites.

11. You weigh 27 lbs 4 oz (90%) and are 34 inches tall (over 95%) and fill out 2T clothes very nicely.

12. You are starting to hum and sing a few parts of "Twinkle, Twinkle", "ABCs", and your bedtime lullabies.

13. You are very fascinated by animals...dogs--"puppies"--in particular. After being at Memmy and Paw's house for any amount of time you get used to seeing Dallas waiting at their back door. Then you come here and look for a puppy at our back door for many days afterward.

14. You have a genuine concern for others and get very upset when Lily cries. You are quick to go console her and pat her back. You got mad at me the other day when I went to sit on Daddy's lap...he started joking like I was too heavy and was hollering about rushed to his aide because you thought I was hurting him. Oh that daddy, he'll do anything to get you by his side.

15. You pucker up and give the best kisses. You usually make the kissing sound while your mouth is still a few inches from our cheek.

16. Often throughout the day as I am talking to you I will rhetorically say, "Jade, let's go ______, okay?", and you often reply with "n-kay". I don't know why it still surprises me to actually have you respond, but I love it.

17. You are a great sleeper...still taking a short morning nap, a longer afternoon nap, and sleeping for about 11 hours at night. You are often a early riser though, so we are looking forward to springing forward in a couple of months.

18. Until then, I am so glad that you have just recently began calling for Daddy instead of Mommy in the morning. No matter how early the hour is, he cannot resist those sweet cries with his name attached to them. Keep it up girl, your Momma needs her beauty sleep!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Are you sure we don't have to come back for 6 months?

I always loved going to the dentist as a kid. I’ve been going to the same guy for 30 years...only strayed once, and quickly found myself back in his chair. It’s a no frills, just drills, sort of office, but back in the day, that little cardboard treasure chest filled with prizes and the fact that he always put a polaroid shot up of all the kids, made me love his office.

So how much more is Lily going to love the memories of her new pediatric dentist’s office?

I love it just for all of it’s mommy espresso bar, a fridge with chilled bottled waters, even a massage chair that will massage you from head to toe while you wait…if your 18 month old will let you sit there long enough.

The jungle themed office has a life size tree house with slide for the kiddos and a dark movie room that seats 10 or 12 people in theater styled seats.
All of these comforts are just in the waiting room. I only got to go back with her on her very first visit, and was shocked at all of the other kid comforts that awaited back where the real work takes place.

They asked her if she liked princesses or barbies, to which she replied that she was a princess. They used pink peppermint scented gloves as they “tickled” her teeth. She then was donned with princess sunglasses as they laid her back in the chair. A movie screen on the ceiling began playing Cinderella as she was examined.

Not only did she get to pick a new toothbrush and a prize, but had a chance to check out the video game room while I talked with the dentist.

Too bad we don’t need to go but every 6 months. We all had a blast.

I’m just wondering if her dentist is accepting new patients…you know, the adult variety?

***These photos were taken 6 months ago...this is Texas, but even we don't wear shorts in least not usually.***

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I keep wanting to call it Huggieland

Are any of you like me? Do you choose to shop late at night when the kiddies are in bed? It’s a great plan, because you can shop, think, compare prices and maybe even use coupons as you load up the grocery cart.

The only drawback is that by the time I get my list together, which is actually much easier now that I use the e-mealz website (button below), I am either giving up precious quiet time with my husband, or if it is really late, my sleep...which is equally precious.

I’ve recently discovered a way to shop in peace during the daylight hours. I can’t believe I walked by our Kroger’s Hugslieland numerous times without even noticing it. I just want to make sure you aren’t doing the same...because it has really been working out well for me.

Our Kroger store and many others (hopefully one near you…check their website), has a childcare center for potty trained kids ages 3 and up. Lily actually begs me to go there now...even over Tom Thumb’s TV Karts.

Even though Jade isn’t old enough to go yet, I find it much easier to concentrate on my shopping with just one kid who is content to be strapped in the cart. The 4 year old who wants to run up and down the aisles putting random items in the buggy is happily corralled in Hugslieland.

The play center has a good security system and they can just page you over the intercom if you are needed. Better yet, they have video monitors throughout the store that give you a peek at what your child is doing as you shop.

Ours is open 10-7 seven days a week and is completely free. As long as Lily enjoys going there, I will enjoy shopping during daylight versus twilight when, although it is quiet, you are often tripping over the stocker’s pallets as they work.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Heelys get her there in time.

Two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

I’ve rehearsed this post so many times in my mind. The post when I could finally exclaim to the world that my little girl has conquered the throne.

We had issues. I say we because it quickly became a family affair. Some of the issues were medical, others behavioral and some were parental. Gulp.

But finally the stars aligned in our favor and it all clicked. I am totally kidding there. What finally happened was the Lord graciously decided to end a difficult trial in our life and we got to buy some princess panties. Not that we hadn’t bought them before, but this time we got to buy them with confidence that they wouldn’t all be ruined by the end of the week.

See this face? See the absolute joy?

That is the picture of my sweet Lily several months back when she finally took our word that poop belonged in the potty. The proof is actually in the picture. Aren’t you glad I’m handy with the cropping software?

Why haven’t I posted the news until now? Well, in my mind I just couldn’t declare her potty trained until we went a full two weeks without any accidents, hesitations, or me having to chase her out of a corner and into the bathroom. I’ve learned through this truly sanctifying process that it takes a long time to break a bad habit.

Her prize? 15 minutes later we were at Journey’s, buying our then 3 year old, Heelys. Keep in mind that back then she had only been out of her arm cast for a few weeks. My mom is a nurse and had to inform me that there is actually a CPT code for Heely accidents. Great. As long as she didn’t break her tail bone, I didn’t care.

She of course wanted to wear them right out of the mall. The looks that we got from people would have been enough, but there were actually verbal comments too. I guess I should explain that they don’t exactly make Heely’s in a toddler size 9. Size 12 are the smallest size made. Thankfully they ran small and we own thick socks, but they still do look a little out of place on a 3 year old girl. Although I thought the pink and brown ones would camouflage a little better than say the skull and cross bone ones, apparently not enough to prevent the comments from coming.

But contrary to all of the unsolicited advice, we haven’t had an ER trip yet, and if being able to skate to the potty gets her there on time, more power to her.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I may never shower at home again.

One of the things I have resolved to do this year is to always be awake before my girls. I've noticed that on days when I am up, showered, and ready to go before I hear their sweet voices talking through the is just a better day.

If I don't get showered first thing, the next opportunity is not until about 2PM when Jade is down for a long nap. However, if I get suckered into playing Princess Wii with Lily during that time, it may not happen at all.

And of course it never fails that on those days our doorbell will ring around 4PM with a pint size neighborhood girl wanting to play with Lily. And there I am an hour later rounding the neighbor's homes trying to snatch her up before dinner...greeting the working and non-working mommies with my non-showered appearance. I'm sure they are, Kerry has really let herself go...what does she do all day anyway?

There are two problems. By nature I am a night owl and getting up early only seems like a good idea at night when I'm setting my alarm. I too easily talk myself out of it when it is buzzing at 6AM. And secondly, I have also resolved to go to the gym more this year. So showering first thing, only to go sweat it out a couple of hours later, doesn't make much sense.

Yesterday morning, I again hit snooze until the monitors started going off. No snooze button on them. Although I had gotten to bed early, Jerry and I had each been up with Jade multiple times in the night and it felt like I hadn't slept a minute.

I decided actually pack a bag for the gym and get ready up there.

Oh my word. It was awesome. I wasn't being talked to the entire time, I wasn't playing peek-a-boo shower curtain game with anybody, and didn't feel threatened that a clothed wee one was going to join me at any given moment.

And the same goes for the entire time I got dressed, dried my hair and applied make-up. Heavenly.

There was one thing that bothered me though. Notice how I said I got dressed first? That is not the norm. I couldn't believe how many women dried their hair in plain view without even an undergarment on. Or would carry on conversations with their workout buddy completely in the nude.

I'll admit that I've never been a big time athlete, so maybe I just don't know locker room culture. Am I just being overly modest?

Nevertheless, I think I have a new routine and am excited. While the girls enjoy kid's club complete with toddler area, computers, a climbing playscape, indoor gym and outdoor play area, I will be sweating and then relaxing as I get ready for our day.

I can't think of a better combination...well, other than them enjoying kid's club while I enjoy the spa...which is actually possible there...more on that later.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No blood was drawn.

We all survived Lily's first swimming lesson and no sharks were drawn to the area.

I believe it was near 80 degrees this past Saturday, which could actually put one in the mood for some swimming. Not so yesterday. I am not a good photographer, but here is a shot of what was left of the icicles outside the gym yesterday afternoon. Not impressive to those of you who are surrounded by drifts of snow, but to those of us who only get a couple of ice days a year, I was hoping that her first swim lesson being on one of them wasn't a bad omen.

The indoor pool area had to be warmed to at least 90 degrees. They call it temperate, I call it a furnace. And for a mom who was already literally sweating over the lesson anyway, it really prevented me from at least looking calm, cool and collected. I'll be dressing more appropriately next time.

Here is Lily's "Mom, are you sure its time for swimming lessons?" look.

Now she's ready to conquer the water. All three inches of it.

I thought I'd be heading up to the bikes for a little spin and a bird's eye view, but it became apparent that I would be needed for support. My support consisted of telling her that she needed to do everything that the coach asked her to do and that if she cooperated we would go get a hot fudge sundae with lots of whipped cream and a cherry afterward.

I thought I would get some shots of the action, but quickly realized that people will stare down their nose at you for having a camera out in a place where various aged people are in various stages of undress.

So here is a quick non-pictorial description of the half hour that seemed like six.

Within the first five minutes she came running out of the water so fast that she slipped and did a complete wipe out. Tears ensued. Great.

By the time I got her calmed down, the coach was taking the other little student toward the deep end (3 abyss in Lily's mind) where there were two benches immersed in the water, one at the edge and the other about 8 feet out.

It took everything in me to get her to stand on the bench at the wall. I really felt for her. I was thankful that I hadn't shaved my legs or else I would have just rolled up my pants and gotten in with her. The Lord's provision in the tiniest of things. Leg hair.

She got in!

While the other little boy and her took turns with the coach going back and forth between the two benches, Lily's grasp had to be sucking the air right out of the coach. I was glad I had trimmed and filed her nails. The other little boy progressed to kicks and back floating and all sorts of other maneuvers under the guiding of the coach's arm.

Lily just clung.

Until the last little pass between the benches.

Her progress?

With the encouragement of her coach, she let go. With one hand. And waved to her mama. For like half of a millisecond.

And then she clung again, but her face shone with such pride for releasing that clutch for that solitary moment. She was beaming.

And to me, that was worth the hot fudge sundae folks.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My prayers are with her swim coach

Tomorrow Lily will have a first. One of those firsts that I'm afraid we waited a wee bit too long for.

How am I preparing her for her first swim lesson? I am trimming and filing her fingernails. Just doing my part to prevent blood from being drawn. Her swim coach will thank me.

I met him the other day. Poor unsuspecting guy. Just a young cute kid. Will he be able to handle Lily and her tremendous fear of water? The fear that sends her into ear piercing screams? The fear that prevents her from going under water at all? Or even just standing in it if it is know...above 18 inches. And she applies the 18 inch rule not only to herself, but to anyone who is holding her.

I experienced being squeezed to death by the 4 legged octopus last summer when I proceeded into uncharted territory...the depths of three feet. I did the only reasonable thing that came to mind...I dunked her. I used to torture my cats with water baths as a child...but now I have kids. It’s just as fun and their claws are much easier to maintain.

I can’t wait to see what his approach will be tomorrow. If you’re in town and trying to peg where the screams are coming from around 4 PM, just turn your ears towards (or away!) from LifeTime Fitness. Or if you want a ringside seat, join me upstairs on the bikes. They overlook the pool perfectly...from behind glass windows which I hope are soundproof. If not, I’ll probably be making snide comments to whoever is around me...whose kid is that? Look at her! Man, she really has a set of lungs. Hopefully I won’t have my cover blown by a page for Lily Gibson’s mommy to return to the pool area.

The swimming lessons are a gift from my mom. Lily is soooo thankful. I should have asked for some extra money...I think it is going to take some bribing to get this guy to come back for day two. Should I slip him a twenty? Maybe just a ten. That should be enough for some Just for Men. The least I can do is help him cover the gray hairs he’ll surely be sprouting over the next few weeks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We downed a dozen

Starting off the new year the right way...with the breakfast of champions.

I had intentions of getting fruit kolaches (baked, not fried), but the kolache bakery was closed for the holiday. That's why I love Dunkin Donuts...they realize that no one really wants to start their resolutions on January 1st, so they remain open.

Between the four of us, we polished off a dozen. Of course that includes Lily just eating the frosted top off four of them.

A girl after my own heart. Why eat all that bread when you can fill up on frosting?
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