Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Painful Honesty of a 3 Year Old

So, as I was fixing Lily's hair for preschool this morning, we sat on the edge of her bed and she says, "whoa, that is really getting filled up".

Noticing that her laundry hamper is actually crippling due to its overfilled state, I tell her, "Yep, it looks like mommy is behind on the laundry."

This is the part I loved, "Maybe you can do that while I am at Rainbow Club, Mommy"!

Yes, Lily I could and should, or I can just take a picture of it and blog instead.

In my defense, we had one of those weekends where we were only home for a second to get the present for the next birthday party or change clothes for the next event. It was insane. Also, some of what is crippling her poor hamper is bedding which takes up a lot of space. I actually enjoy the change of seasons too, when you can get away without doing the laundry for an extra week while getting out the next phase of clothes. Or in Jade's case the next size! That child is now filling out size 18 months.

It brings to mind other sweet things that my three year old has pointed out to me recently.

Like "Mommy, you have coffee breath." Thank goodness she is the only person routinely in my face each morning post-coffee but pre-toothbrush.

Or "Mommy, your legs are pokey." Okay, spring is here and the razor will be used daily again.

Although her words can be painfully honest, she has only embarrassed me publicly once.

Flashback to last summer. I was big with Jade and we frequented Boston Market. I don't know why I craved that place so much, but we were there at least twice a week. Oh the days when we could dine at a restaurant that didn't have a playground attached. Anyway, we were enjoying our chicken and veggies when a man sat down at the table right next to us. He happened to be bald. I only hope he was deaf as well.

I'm certain it wasn't the first time she had ever laid eyes on a bald person, but for some reason she became very interested and vocal about him. And if you know my Lily, you know that she has one volume and it happens to be loud. Somehow she got the words "head" and "hair" confused. Statements like this followed and she repeated them MULTIPLE times! I still remember the way she talked then.

Mommy, does he have a head?

It don't look like he have a head.

Where is he's head?

I don't see he's head.

Realizing that her pointing, questions and observations were not going to end any time soon, I choked down my food to prepare for a fast exit. She continued with:

Mommy, why are we leaving?

But where are we going?

I'm still hungry.

But I'm not done eating.

My blood pressure is on the rise just posting about it. Life with a talking child is never dull. Painful at times, but never dull.


Kim said...

This is hilarious! She sounds like a funny little girl! JH's laundry basket was overflowing this morning,too... I finally got it in the wash.

Rachelle said...

Have you ever thought of Lily going on that show called Kids Say the Darndest Things? She would be perfect! Do come to visit this summer....early summer or early fall would be best....We don't have A/C and I fear your girls may melt at night in the heat....give me some dates and we will put it on the calendar and schedule a trip to Hershey Park.

da halls said...

I am chuckling at the bald man convo.

Mary Beth

Carolina Mama said...

What a riot! We just got back from our Spring Break trip, the basketS are full. ;) I'm working at it.

Melissa S. said...

Oh, that just made me laugh so hard! It was just weeks ago that we saw a male "little person" walking through Walmart with a cart. C.J. flipped his lid. "Wook, Mommy! It's a Man! It's a wittle man!" Ah, yes. Fun moment. I just said, "Yes, C.J. He is little. God made people all different sizes. Isn't that fun?!?" Yikes! Who knows what that poor man thought, but I have to guess it wasn't the first time that had happened to him.

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