Monday, November 12, 2007

Don't Pack Up Those Summer Clothes Yet!

At least not if you live in Texas anyway! This weekend we experienced temperatures almost 20 degrees above normal...highs in the mid 80s! Having such warm weather in mid-November prompted an outing to Life's a Beach...lovingly known to Lily as "The Sand Restaurant"! This is the best place to go when you want a date, but don't have a babysitter! I guess the owners created it to be a place for sand volleyball, but in this area families with young children took over once again. So basically it is the largest sandbox you've ever seen! You just sit out on the patio and eat great food while the kiddos play. When it's hot they've got the misters on and when its chilly the patio heaters are's the best thing ever!

You'll be able to tell from the pics that a) it was windy (hair in our faces) b) it was bright (we're all squinting) and c) my skin is as white as the sand!! Unfortunately, I'm always that white!! Except for that bad phase in the early 90's that I frequented the tanning, why did you let me do that!?! That reminds me...I need to make that dermatology appt!

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Anonymous said...

Can not beleive how big the girls all are already. Can not wait to have you all home for Christmas. It is going to so FUN. I love the blog! You are so talanted, I would never find the time. and, I only had 1. Much Love Aunt Lisa & Uncle Al

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