Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Change. There is so much change brewing in our lives right now that it is hard for me to contemplate it all, much less throw it out here for blog land, but here goes:

Hubby got a new job!!! We are going back to our old church where he will be Director of World Missions again. So thankful for this opportunity on so many levels...more on that later.

We decided to stay here and commute for a while.

The Lord changed our hearts on that...although we LOVE the community we live in, how can we effectively serve in a church 45-60 minutes away?

We decide to list our house.

Our realtor recommends we get our foundation repaired.

Foundation repair happens. What a mess!

Contractor comes to make repairs from said foundation repair.

We paint, clean, organize and reorganize until we are past tuckered out.

The house actually listed late last Thursday afternoon.

Several showings over the weekend.

We received an offer Sunday, we countered Sunday night, and they accepted our offer Monday morning.

Inspection happened yesterday.

A few things I left out: Meeting with countless foundation companies to make a decision regarding that, meeting with countless contractors to make a decision regarding repairs, spending countless hours on to make a decision regarding where we are going to live, researching/visiting countless private schools to make a decision regarding our girls' education in the city.

Do you see the theme here?

We are spending countless hours making decisions. Whew! I am exhausted yet extremely THANKFUL. None of these decisions would be necessary had the Lord not provided my husband with an amazing job opportunity and then a great offer on our house within 3-4 days of being listed.

Oh yeah, and I need to mention that during all of this, my precious father-in-law had major open heart surgery. Praise the Lord that he is doing WONDERFUL! Though not as important, Jerry also joined and started playing for 2 indoor soccer teams during this time as well as finished coaching his first season of U5 girls soccer.

Anyway, assuming that the inspection (we're still waiting to hear) and the appraisal go well, the couple buying our house wants to close and move in on 12/18!!!!

Yikes! Because of Jerry's job change we can't close on a new house until 12/31. Double yikes! That probably wouldn't be too much of an issue if we actually knew what part of the city we wanted to live in and had a house picked out. My mom's guest rooms are ready for our hopefully only 14 day homeless stint.

Working with our awesome realtor Friday.

I anticipate more countless hours of decision making on the horizon. Honestly THANKFUL for it though.

What are you thankful for?


Monday, November 16, 2009

May the BEST BUNS Win!!

This is not a joke. Below is a real e-mail that came to my inbox from our dance studio. I was not going to share my distress over their complete obsession with "secured hair", until Jade and I were once again chided today for wearing our street shoes on the studio floor.



Starts Monday Nov 2nd until Thursday Nov 19th!!! Winner announced when we return from Thanksgiving break.* Jazz, Ballet, Technique, and Drill Team classes* A "bun" is defined as having the hair secured (not swinging freely) and off the neck.* French braids tucked under, two buns, and other secured hairstyles are fine, too.*

Snoods, rubber bun formers, and the bun formers that resemble "slap bracelets" are all acceptable (and encouraged!) These can be purchased at drug stores, some grocery stores, and at Spotlight dancewear - all in with the barrettes and hair things.* Short hair - should be secured as much as possible. Ponytail can be "clipped down" with barrettes or claw clips. Headbands or barrettes to keep the hair out of the face are great.

Here is how it will work: The teacher, studio asst director or owner (during evening hours, most often the owner) will "score" each bun for a total class score. Scoring is done like this:- Hair up as request and secured of the neck (not swinging) - 10 pts.- Exceptionally good (no "pull throughs," tendrils hanging on the side, etc) - addtl 10 pts.- Each student can earn as much as 20 pts.- Class Score is determined by totaling the scores and dividing by the number of students present in the class.- A class bonus of 5 pts (before dividing) may be added if a class ALL has exceptional buns! :-)

What will the winning class get?! An ice cream (or equivalent if allergies) party to be held in the staff breakroom. (Party will be held after class one night in December and for those who have additional classes, we will extend the party after your last class as well!!!!)

May the BEST BUNS win!


I think I am developing an allergy to buns! It actually has been brewing for a while...ever since I enrolled in Ballet/Tap 101 for hair styling deficient mommies.

Is it bad that I giggled as the instructor fiddled unsuccessfully with Lily's hair today, trying to fix the misshapen bun upon her head, before the "bun checker" came in?

I didn't think so.

I'm pretty sure her class will not be winning the ice cream party. Never fear though...mommy knows that the Braum's drive-thru is on our way home after class.

We'll ask for double scoops as we pretend that our other buns are in good shape too.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Can you identify these pictures?

Anybody been through this before?

If so, then I know you also can identify with my pain. *Sigh*

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Their tummies might be aching by morning...

but I am so tired of rationing out the halloween candy for after meals or special treats. So today I basically just let them eat it. Nearly all of it! They weren't even asking for candy anymore.

This is what Lily's trash can looked like tonight.

Sad. I know.

I've honestly convinced myself that waking up to deal with tummy aches will be easier than candy rationing.

I better get a head start on sleep! Be sure to tell me how you handle the halloween candy at your house!

Oh, and don't think my standards are too low...the wrappers did make it into the trashcan! ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some laughter to lighten the load...

As I am typing this, my sweet father-in-law is being taken back for open heart surgery. We are so thankful that they caught the blockage issue before a heart attack occurred...and with the quadruple bypass that he is getting today, he should outlive us all. With the seriousness of all that, there hasn't been much laughter around here. Our daddy has been with his daddy since late Tuesday night, while momma is holding down the home front a couple of hours away.

When daddy isn't around, dinner is usually consists of something easy...or even easier...a trip out. I just don't know what it is about Boston Market and the comments it produces from you remember this incident?

At least last night she had the courtesy to talk in a lower voice, and the subject was out of earshot.

Lily: Mommy. Mommy. Why does that lady over there have such big boobies?

Me: What lady?

Lily: The one over the black shirt.

Me: Oh. Wow. (After determining it wasn't a plastic surgery case, I decided to respond.) Well, honey...God makes different people in different sizes.

Lily: Oh. So He gave her big boobs and you a big butt.

Me: Um, yeah. Something like that.


Given the apparent heart issues in the family, we were considering a cardiac diet. After that conversation, it seems we need to combine it with the derriere diet as well.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

NO Tricks here, Just TREATS!

Hoping your Halloween, All Saints Eve, or Reformation Day celebration was perfect! How's that for political correctness?

Whatever we call it, I just hope it spooked my lack of desire to blog away. Maybe I'll be a blogging saint from now on, or at least a reformed blogger? There's always hope.
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