Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oooops. Yesss! Nooo! Ewww!

Those four words pretty much sum up our last 24 hours.


The DryPro Cast Protector that we were so excited about a few weeks ago, failed us. We had only used it once for a fun water park trip during Big Girl Weekend. It had served us more for keeping Lily's cast dry during baths. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but when your little girl's other name is Ariel, it is. When acting out various scenes from The Little Mermaid can occupy hours of your child's time, those hours being cut in half due to water scenes being eliminated can take its toll on the family. Lily needed her stage back. The bathtub is her stage.

So, late Sunday, The Little Mermaid Act 7 was taking place in the master tub. Somehow, even after multiple successes with the DryPro cover, a leak occurred. Jerry comes down the stairs telling me that we have a problem. A dripping wet cast kind of problem.


The doc on call actually offered to meet me at the ER to recast it. I immediately felt awful about the overwhitened teeth comment I had made earlier. He earned every penny for those snow white teeth...even on Sunday night at the ER apparently. I was shocked over what a big deal it really was. Then, realizing that an entire company makes their living by selling waterproof cast covers...it made sense. Duh...you really aren't supposed to get these things wet.

We decided to forgo the ER trip and went the hairdryer route instead. The doc mentioned it would take 4-6 hours of the hairdryer on cool to get the thing dried out. Well, Lily lasted a whopping 45 minutes...that being at 3 different 15 minute intervals. I was suffering too. Boy that cast started to reek as soon as it got wet. Spreading the foul smell all over the house with the hair dryer was a little much for me.

So an appointment was made the next day to get the wet cast situation checked out. My mind was starting to see mold growing on her skin, so if nothing else I wanted the doctor's reassurance that it was actually dry and not in growing mode.


Indeed the cast was dry enough to stay on. But, the doctor said since it had been on for 3 weeks already and it was such a minor fracture, the cast could probably just come off for good. Yesss!

So, the cast came off! Yipeee!

This is Lily remembering what her arm looked like.
It was actually pretty dirty. I cleaned it up good and then they took the final x-rays.


The doc seemed concerned after looking at the films and decided to examine her arm again. She was still having some acute pain at the wound site. Then he mentioned that if it had broken just 2mm further it would have been a surgery case. A few minutes earlier he was talking about the minor fracture. His teeth were looking whiter by the minute.

He recommended the cast going back on, not for just another week, but TWO. Nooo!

So, we got a brand new, shiny, clean cast. Did she chose another color? Purple maybe? No...we are still seeing fluorescent pink around here. The best part though was that it didn't smell...yet.

Within minutes of getting home, Lily wasn't feeling real well. She was laying on the couch and then I heard her coughing. Yep, you guessed it. Not only did she barf all over the couch, pillow and floor, but all over her new cast. Oh, the smell. Ewww!
Poor thing. I felt like vomiting too after all of the excitement and then huge let down. But that would have made for a double ewww, so I refrained.
What words are describing your week?


Mommy, Esquire said...

Maybe there should be a company devoted to making puke proof casts. Poor Lily. Poor you.

Christina said...

i thought i have had a tough few weeks with makenna's bad attitude but wow...you trump me! you seem to have much more patience then me :)

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Sorry to hear about your week so far...yikes!
At least you still have a positive attitude! That makes all the difference.

Jenn said...

Oh how awful, there is nothing worse then that and all over your couch would be lovely I'm sure! I just added you to my list,I hadn't heard from you in awhile now I know why! Hope the rest of this week goes better for you.

CarolinaMama said...

Oh wow! What a week for your sweetie, Glad you worked it out.

Linda said...

Hey, thank you for visiting my blog and COMMENTING! Woo! I want to tell you that your little girl is absolutely adorable. My heart twisted all up when I saw the cast. Oh, and then the vomit! Oh No, indeed! God bless her little sweet heart.

Matt & Kristin said...

Oh my. My week has been a crazy roller coaster revealing my lack of trust in the Lord and his constant faithfulness. Sounds like you had a rough week. Lily looks like a trooper! You are too!!

Debbie said...

What an ordeal. Sorry to say I am glad it is you and not me. Thanks for checking in with me. I would love to make a play date soon. ASAP would be better than later.
Love, Debbie

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