Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Initial Meeting of Papa's Pack!

Last weekend we officially started bowling as Papa's Pack! It was so fun!

The idea started when Kelly threw Avery a bowling party last fall and it was too fun not to do on a regular basis. So as a Christmas present to my dad and Kim we got everyone matching retro bowling shirts and decided to meet every 6 or 8 weeks for a family bowling date.

Gone are the days of nasty smokey bowling alleys! We found Main Event to be clean, fresh and perfect for a family outing with small kids. The bumpers even automatically come up when it is the girls turn! Although I think we all need them with the exeption of Papa, my dad, so you can see why the team is named after him! It isn't odd for him to get a couple of turkeys in a game...for you non-bowlers, that is 3 strikes in a row!!!

When our hour was nearly up, it was clear that if we had let Lily finish her last frame that she could have quite possibly beat both of her parents, so we did the right thing and ended our bowling fun right then!!

Here are some more shots from our first meet:

Afterwards we went to Flips to celebrate Kelly's birthday! We had some awesome burgers there, so I am sure that will become part of the tradition as well.

PS...Happy belated b'day to my sis Kelly! I forgot my camera when we went out to celebrate last week...we had fun at dinner and then seeing 27 was a good show! Just wanted to tell the blogging world that I have the best sister a girl could ask for!

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