Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rules of the Cast

During our visit at the Pedi Ortho office the other day we spent time with lots of initials. An MA and then either a PA or a CNP for the majority of our visit. Of course an RN too. The MD did show his face and over whitened teeth for 49 seconds, so I'm sure we'll still be getting the full treatment from the billing department.

During the PA's visit with us, we learned that we were very fortunate that the injury hadn't gone even a hair further or Miss Lily would be facing surgery. The growth plate had not been affected. Everything was in alignment, but with an injury near the elbow, we'd be in a good hard cast for several weeks.

As we were talking, she was observing Lily's activity level in the office. Crashing the play trucks on the floor, up and down from the stool to the table to the floor again, twirling, and rolling the doc's chair around the room. Of course this was before I noticed the sign on the back of the door stating, "Please do not let your child play with the rolling chair." It also said something about not playing with the blinds...blinds? Booorrrring.

Anyway, she proceeded to ask me if Lily was always this active. Told me that I needed to slow her way down. Then decided that she would go ahead and take some more x-rays before putting the permanent cast on in case she had reinjured it while being so active since the initial break.

Thankfully everything still looked good.

She then proceeded to introduce Lily to the "Rules of the Cast". It went kind of like this: for the next eight weeks, no running, no jumping, no hopping, no climbing, no swimming, no trampolines, no parks, no playgrounds, no monkey bars, no swings, no slides, no bikes, no trikes, and no scooters.

To which Lily replied, "What about skipping?". Gotta love that girl.

And I was wondering if she was going to cast her legs also to keep her from doing all those things.

And also thinking...a cast for eight weeks? Right at the beginning of summer, right before our two weeks off with daddy, right during the swim lessons I have scheduled, right during the time when there is no MDO and my goal becomes tiring her out enough that she might, just might, take a little nappie wappie.

No, she only wears the cast for 4 weeks, but the next 4 weeks you still have to protect it and act like it is still there. Yeah right.

She recommended lots of movies and keeping it propped up. Uh, my Lily won't sit still in front of anything for much more than an hour at most each day, even her beloved Ariel. And that hour is usually spread out over three 20 minute intervals. So what about the other 11 hours of wake time each day?

Wow, my attitude of thankfulness that she wasn't severely injured diminished quickly. I think it is just the reality setting in that this summer is going to look very different than the one I had envisioned. My summer plan included camping, biking, hiking, water parks, swimming pools and even just the backyard sprinkler as forms of entertainment. Basically everything I couldn't do with her last summer because I was either 9 months pregnant or attached to a nursing newborn.

Maybe I'm just irritated that it is apparent that the one making the "Rules of the Cast" has never spent 8 minutes, much less 8 weeks, with a casted active 3 year old during the summer heat.

What do do? What to do? How am I going to keep Lily entertained and get her at least a little exercise over the next two months?

Remember, this is Texas. Even the animals are ready to call it a day when the zoo opens at 10 AM.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Ugh! Poor Lily. Poor You. Wish I could make some suggestions but I've got nothing. How often can you go to the library and make it exciting?

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Poor Lily! Mommy, esquire just said my only suggestion. Library time....what about walking the mall. I've not had to do this "cast thing" yet. You will soon be a wealth of knowledge to all of us when our time comes.

Tell Lily, that I wish I could sign her cast. I would put a big happy face on it! She always seems to have a smile on. What a trooper!

BTW, thanks for all your comments, I love hearing from you. Farm pics are up!

Christina said...

gosh, i wished i had some good ideas for you. she sounds a lot like makenna's personality. it looks like you will have to go to things like the childrens museum and the dallas world aquarium.

Jenn said...

I was going to say the aquarium and places like that where its not so hot to just be walking around for hours. I sent you an email not sure if it worked.

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Poor Poor Mommy! I can only imagine keeping Dax from climbing, running, jumping, flying, swinging, etc for the summer. I think it would involve a straight jacket or a velcro wall and possibly some sort of medication for me!

I haven't stopped in for a bit and was just catching up. I'm so sorry to hear about your step Dad. I recently lost my father after a battle with cancer. He couldn't get words out well for the last couple of months. I too struggle with how frustrating that would be and how important our words really are. My prayers are with you and your family!

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness! What a way to start off your summer. I'm so sorry!

At least she can still skip.....right?? ;)

Debbie said...

I am still saying my thanks that I have not experienced that yet and pray that I won't be there ever. I hope we can seen that beautiful pink cast in person. I know my girls, and probably Charlie too, would love to write on it. I know you will find a solution and enjoy your summer as envisioned.

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