Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some people dye eggs to hunt them...

But us? We play school with them. In a British accent. Until the Duke strikes!

And then we throw a, that was ugly. My apologies for the camera jiggle due to laughter.

I am just glad I was able to laugh. It was Friday morning and Jerry was long gone when the girls woke at six AM. By 8:30, we had drank milk, played, eaten breakfast, and dyed 3 dozen Easter eggs. Whew! Felt like midnight to me, yet Lily was still fresh enough to pull off that accent. Laughter needed.

Some pics before the eggs met their demise:

And a little craft made at the toy store this morning:

Again, way too early in the morning. When we got to the toy store, I asked where the regular Saturday morning craft was. The lady replied that it doesn't start til 10:30. Duh! We were early...had played an 8AM soccer game, eaten breakfast, walked to the toy store...and it was only 10:00AM. I need some sleep!


Happy Easter, Y'all!

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