Saturday, February 16, 2013

"...very, very lucky..."

Referring to the success of the surgery, the neurosurgeon said:  "You're just one of those very, very lucky people.  Perhaps the prayers...helped."

There is no "perhaps" to it.  It's abundantly evident to us that the many prayers offered before/during the surgery and even now have been heard.  It's inexplicable any other way.  We sincerely believe prayer is working and give glory to God who hears and acts on the prayers of His people.

Did God shrink the tumor so that it would be completely removed?  Kerry hinted at that possibility today.  It was .5 centimeters smaller than the MRI showed.  Did that sensation and pain in the days leading up to the surgery, that the doctors couldn't explain, have something to do with it?  We don't know for sure but do know that God does that sort of thing all the time.  Either way, we praise God that the entire tumor is gone!

Other praises:
-Kerry's mobility and balance continues to progress.  She's now able to walk slowly up and down the hall.
-Her hearing is even better.  Huh?  That's what she says.  With the ringing not as pronounced in her now deaf left ear, she can hear better in her right ear.
-She's eating well.  Too bad the chicken was "nasty" tonight.
-Everything is pointing to her being allowed to come home a day early.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that all of these things have happened by the hand of our great God because of your prayers.  Thank Him when you talk to Him next.

Please continue to pray!:
-That there will be no spinal fluid leak
-For relief from her first headache tonight
-For good rest as they put her on steroids (many of you know how those affect her) and she slowly comes off pain meds

We're still asking for no visitors.  Rest is a precious a commodity.



Missy Leventhal said...

That is so awesome! Praise be to God and God alone!! Continuing to lift you up friend! Thanks for the updates!

R Dees said...

It is an honor to intercede on her behalf & sharing in the Lord's victory! Continued prayers.

Anonymous said...

We were praying that something unexplainable would happen to amaze the doctors and give God glory! So wonderful to our prayers answered.

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