Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day One Post Surgery: Update

Sorry for not giving an update late yesterday.  It was a tough and busy day for Kerry.  We were both exhausted by the end of the day. They started pushing her pretty hard early on.  Getting her up.  Making her do neurological tests.  So far she's getting "gold stars" in every category according to her neurosurgeon.  The CT scan looked great.  Praise the Lord! 

Progress came in baby steps.  The morning was really tough.  She was a bit discouraged and I was a bit humbled.  The surgery was so successful, I think I forgot what they did to her on that operating table.  The morning's activities forced me to do a bit of a mental recalibration.  After my expectations were adjusted, I was able to appreciate that what we perceived were baby steps were really giant steps.

She moved to a regular room but is not up for visitors yet.  The medical attention is so continuous, she needs every minute she can to sleep.

Please keep praying:
-pray against depression - that baby steps would be encouraging to Kerry
-pray that she will eat well
-pray that walking and balance would continue to improve
-pray that a wicked crick in her neck below the surgery site would loosen up
-pray for spinal fluid leaks to stay away
-pray for Lily and Jade as they start to really miss mom


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