Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Driving to get PJs

This is my first post (Jerry).  And kind of a test post too.  I had to prove my technical skills to Kerry.  : )

Kerry's surgery was delayed to 9am tomorrow.  The preferred anesthesiologist had another 7am case.  There was a tinge of concern when at first Kerry thought the main surgeons took an earlier case (they did not).  When you're having brain surgery you pretty much want to be the center of attention for those 8-10 hours.  I think that makes sense.

We are supposed to be there at 7am instead of 5am.  No arguments here.

I plan to update after the start of the surgery and a couple of times tomorrow as we get updates.  If you subscribed to the blog, know that the posts are not forwarded to e-mail for a several hours so check the blog for current updates.

And, yes, we're just now headed out to get hospital PJs.

Thank you for praying for my bride,

Jerry (for Kerry, for now)

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