Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Update w/ a Picture

Few changes on Sunday.  She walked quite a bit further.  It helps that her vertigo is mostly under control in the hospital setting.  She continues to eat well.  No signs of a spinal fluid leak.  And her head bandage came off.  The wound looks "good" (as long as you're holding on to something).  All good progress.

We hope to go home today (Monday) but that's a long process.  The only hold up might be that PT (physical therapy) has not been to see Kerry since Friday.  The nurses are a little upset about that.  We're working on our "homework" diligently everyday but apparently we have an old assignment sheet.  Hopefully PT will come early today and feel that Kerry is stable enough to go home.  

Here's a pretty typical picture of the patient over the last several days.  She still prefers to have her eyes closed in order to keep the vertigo at bay, especially when there is a lot of light, but everyday her eyes stay open more and more throughout the day.

Today's prayer requests:
-Pray that PT would see her early on and that all would go well.
-Pray that all of the doctors would come early to assess and make a wise decision about releasing her.
-Pray that we wouldn't rush Kerry home if she is not ready to go home.  Nights have brought on some headaches and nausea.
-Pray against spinal fluid leaks.
-Pray against extreme vertigo outside the hospital setting.  Extreme vertigo is under control but that's because Kerry keeps a nice slow pace and limits herself well.  The real world could be a shock.
-Pray especially for the drive to her parent's house, where she is staying for a few days after leaving the hospital.  No nausea.  No vertigo.

Thank you for your prayers on this potentially big transitional day.


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