Thursday, February 14, 2013

Praises going up already

I'm a little speechless.  The doctor could tell we were ecstatic at the news he just gave us and told us not to celebrate just yet.  "Celebrate" may not be the right word.  Thankful is more like it.

She is "put back together".  They are sewing her up now.  Already!!  We are praising God! The tumor was totally removed.  The facial nerve is intact.  There is some possibility of temporary facial weakness but not likely anything permanent.  This is an excellent report!  Everything is ahead of schedule, which means less anesthesia. We are thankful for SO much.

Please continue to pray.  She is still on the table.  They will probably wake her up in 45 minutes.  PLEASE pray for that process!  Pray that she would come out of anesthesia calm and alert.

I will update about ways to pray going forward after I see her in a bit.

Jerry (for Kerry, for now)

1 comment: said...

Rejoicing with you. Continuing to stand alongside you all. Hugs
Ruth L.

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