Monday, February 18, 2013

"Home" + Kerry Q&A

Kerry is out of the hospital!  Everybody and their brother came by this morning to clear her for departure and by 11:00am we were on our way to Kerry's parents where she will be staying for the rest of this week.  Yes, PT finally showed up again today.  There were some tears associated the PT test but in the end Kerry passed and was cleared to go home. 

On our way home we made an account of the Lord's blessings over the last 5 days.  Kerry will probably list all of those in a later blog.  I will touch on many of those blessings below and try to answer some questions I've received about post-surgery Kerry.  Brain surgery can mean so many different things depending upon where they operate.  Maybe this "Kerry Q&A" will help relieve any unnecessary concerns.  

Can she talk?
Um, yes!  As her mother said, she was already ordering everyone around as soon as they woke her up in ICU.  They did not work on any part of the brain related to speech.  Her speech is alive and well!

Can she walk?
Slow and steady.  She was on her feet day one post surgery and she gets better everyday.  We are so thankful that her right vestibular system is adjusting nicely.  The more she walks and gets around the more her brain will adjust and compensate for the loss of her left vestibular system.  There is a lot more to getting around than just standing up straight and walking in a straight line though.

Was her facial nerve damaged?
There is zero sign of any facial nerve damage.  This is a miracle.

What's different?
We are thankful to God that the only permanent side effect of this surgery is the loss of hearing in her left ear and a scar that will be covered up by her hair in a matter of weeks.  As good as she IS doing, she is nowhere near being ready for normal life. This will truly be a 6 week recovery.  She's really tired.  Her body has to heal and adjust.  Things like reading, TV, Facebook, grocery shopping, large groups, driving, etc. are a ways away.  New movements/experiences/stimuli must come slowly to avoid extreme vertigo as the right vestibular system takes over full-time.

Prayer requests:
-Patience as the boredom of a long and slow recovery sets in.
-Courage each day to do scary things.
-We still don't want a spinal fluid leak.
-Sweet times with the Lord.
-Healing of the surgery sites.


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Larry Gott said...

We're so glad things are going better than expected (as of Monday's blogpost), and we're praising God for it! We've been following your posts each day, and praying based on your requests and needs -- which I expect will ebb and flo as some things won't work or come to pass quite like you expect.

How about a new post so we can pray more intelligently? Love and care coming from us to all the Gibsons.

Larry and Jeannine Gott

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