Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful for my "Airhead"

Phase one is over.  In fact, she's well in the midst of phase two (tumor removal).  This is the tricky part.  Please continue to pray for her protection and for no complications.  Pray hard for the facial nerve to be undamaged!

We met with the doctor after phase one.  All reports are good.  No complications and no surprises.  In fact, phase one (opening up) was ahead of schedule.  The doctor joked that she is an "airhead".  I don't entirely get the joke but apparently there are air pockets in the skull and apparently Kerry has a lot of air in her air pockets, which made phase one easier than expected.  Praise the Lord for my airhead!

We just got another update from the head nurse.  Praise God.  She is doing well in the middle of phase two.

Please do continue to pray through this critical time.


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