Monday, February 11, 2013

Uh, oh! Mountain Cedar taking its toll...

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The Lord knows all. He knew this weekend I would be calling my surgeon to see if it was okay to load up on Sudafed and Allegra before surgery.  It seems the record levels of Mountain Cedar in the air have left me with scratchy throat, congestion, sneezing and coughing.

He also knew that I would be going in for my all of my pre-op testing today...seeing multiple docs who will be able to decide if with these symptoms it might be wise to postpone surgery.  You see, my pre-op had been scheduled for last Wednesday. However, after many phone calls and requests, I rescheduled it for today so I could drive Lily's field trip last week instead. It meant so much to her and I was glad I had gone through the trouble of rescheduling.  I felt totally healthy last I am thankful that it is today that I am going in and they can make some decisions about how I am feeling.

Would you pray along with us? It would be really hard on me for surgery to be postponed as I know it would take weeks for them to reschedule. I am ready. But I also know that God is in control and He may have some other purpose to accomplish.  Please pray that the Lord's will would be done.

Speaking of prayer...the elders of our church anointed me with oil and prayed over me yesterday.  It was a beautiful, peace bringing, and moving time for Jerry and myself.  Our senior pastor also mentioned to Jerry that people will be praying in our church's chapel throughout the day of my surgery.  Wow.  So humbled and thankful.

If you want to commit to praying for 15 minutes during the operation on Valentine's Day, click below to sign up and an e-mail reminder will come your way!

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Off to pre-op, fun!

************ Revised at 5:00 PM ********************
Pre-op complete.  The docs were concerned, but not overly, about my symptoms.  If fever develops surgery won't happen.  If I wake up feeling crummy Thursday I still go in.  Basically the anesthesiologist will listen to my lungs closely and will make the final call.

I did learn that I might be intubated overnight in ICU which totally freaks me out.  :( Major surgery on my head and I am more worried about intubation and catheters.  Go figure. 

To leave you on a funny note, I have to tell you about my labs.  They drew 5 vials of blood and then asked if I could give a urine specimen.  Of course I had just used the restroom.  So they poured me cup after cup of water and about an hour later sent me in with a specimen cup.  I totally went and flushed and then caught eye of the unopened cup sitting there.  Seriously.  Where is my head?

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