Friday, February 15, 2013

Day One Post Surgery

Kerry had a good night last night.  Not much sleep though, thanks to the constant medical attention.  The 1:30am CT scan was uneventful - yet another answer to prayer. Some lip balm to the lips and ankle massages brought the most relief last night (well, other than the meds). Poor thing could probably down a gallon of ice cold water right now but all she gets is the occasional swab of water in the mouth.

She is still in ICU this morning but doing really well.  We anticipate she will be able to go to a normal room later today.  It's slow going at this point though, so we'll see.

I'll let everyone know when/if she will be up for visitors.  Right now opening her eyes causes nausea because of the severe vertigo so even when she's awake and talking her eyes stay closed.  Again - this is typical. PT will try to get her up at some point today to really assess her balance.

Things are slow going right now so updates will be as well.

The girl's are doing great.  They were excited to see their dad before school this morning.

Prayer requests:
-relief from vertigo/nausea
-balance assessment later today
-pain management in the neck
-no spinal fluid leak
-continued progress
-the missions conference at PCPC next weekend (that's a selfish one)

Thank you for your continued prayers and notes of encouragement.


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