Friday, January 23, 2009

Pretty Piggies

It’s probably getting obvious that I recently skimmed through 1700+ pictures. During the process of getting 2008’s memories off of my hard drive and into Shutterfly’s care, I came across a few pictures that I remember intending to post.

I only mention it because I keep posting pictures when they were dressed for summer…because it actually was summer. Actually yesterday Lily could have totally worn this outfit. In January. When it was in the mid 70s and we hung out at the park before enjoying snow cones.

While the rest of you are able to make snow cones fresh out of your backyard, we can actually visit a permanently standing building year round and have one made for us. They even sell snowballs too. How else could we ever experience those sorts of things here in Texas?

Anyway. See these little piggies?

They belong to this freshly pampered girl.

It was actually the weekend of her potty training success. Jade was being loved on by the Gibsons a couple of hours away, while we were focusing on toilet issues with Lily for a weekend. We had taken a break for a quick haircut, when afterward she peeked into the windows of a nail salon that was next door.

What’s this place, mama? When I told her it was a place that did nails, the requests for painted fingers and toes came flowing pretty quickly. When I peeked in and saw that they weren’t busy, I decided to give it a try.

It was great. I got a pedicure while they totally pampered her.

Fingers and toes for the girl, they asked?

Sure, why not.

Flowers painted too? Just $2.00 more.


Apparently I was a little too relaxed because I assumed that meant two bucks for flowers on her hands, feet, forehead, wherever they decided to put them.

Naivety. Really not my friend.

Thankfully they only painted them on her thumbs and big toes, because she wasn’t very patient sitting under the drying lights. I was glad I snapped these pictures before we even got in the car…within minutes she had smeared 8 bucks worth of flowers right off.

We’ve been sticking to the playroom variety of pedicures since then. The flowers I paint are cheap...because they are non-existent.


Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Cute toes! What a treat!
I thought of you when I saw the temperature in Texas on the weather portion of the news last night. Must be nice....

Emily said...


My name is Emily Rhodes and I know you don't know me but Jenn Rutherford gave me your address and said you might be a big help. We are planning a trip to Disney World this year and Jenn said you had a wonderful trip. I have two girls, Claire, 4 and Allie, 2, and all they want to do is see princesses.

I have a ton of questions:
Where should we stay? We want to stay on site somewhere.
Should we book online ourselves or get a travel agent?
Should we include meals with our package?
Should we get the park hopper or just the regular pass?
When is the best time to go? We are thinking Aug or Sept.
Where is the best place to see princesses?
Anything else you could tell me would be great.

Sorry to bother you and I'm in no hurry. Thanks for your help.


AmyB said...

I love the look of sheer joy on her face while her nails are being done. She's been ruined! ;)

Raggedy Girl said...

I love seeing Lily posts. I never thought of getting my great grand daughters toes done so I could get mine done too. Great idea.
Roberta Anne

mamajil said...

I love painted piggy toes on little chubby baby/"big girl" feet!!!
My teens love to pamper the little ones and do their nails its so much fun!!

Rachelle said...

I sure could use a pedi.

Rachelle said...

I sure could use a pedi.

Laura said...

I just love this post! It reminds me of Alise's first mani-pedi! It was a present for her 3rd birthday. She loved it!!

Tammy said...

That looks like it was a fun day...for both of you:)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

What precious pictures!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I'm with poor toes are CRYING out for a pedi.

The "Just $2 more" cracks me up so much...I would've fallen for it the exact same way and believed that it meant for the whole deal. But per flower? Oh my. I'm in the wrong business. :)

Christina said...

i can't wait to do these activities with makenna. so fun!

Alana said...

Oh my word! This is EXACTLY why I need a little girl! So cute!

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