Monday, January 19, 2009

18 months

Jade turned 18 months old last week. I was waiting until I could get her pictures made before I did this little post.

I'm somewhat of a picture fanatic. I like to have them taken every 3 months until they are 18 months old and then every 6 months until they are 3 years old. From then on, annually seems often enough.

So, I've had many experiences at the portrait studio. Mind you we've never had a true professional photographer do any of these. We've gone the route of the teenager taking a few shots and then giving you what seems like hundreds of pictures for mere pennies.

We have had nothing but positive experiences. I wasn't expecting anything different for Jade's 18 month photos. So we bought her a little raincoat, boots and umbrella combo and I had already begun imagining all the fun shots they would capture. You know, as she pranced around with the umbrella, spinning it and playing around.

Not exactly what happened. She apparently was all of a sudden frightened by the white backdrop/flooring and wouldn't go anywhere near it. This went on for some amount of time until they pulled down this gray sheet type thingy. Then she would at least stand there, but only with a "I don't know who you are or what you are trying to do with that camera, but I'm not smiling", kind of look on her face.

They actually asked us to reschedule. I couldn't believe it. I was a little irritated as we gathered our stuff and began walking out. Then the photographer suggested we take a peek at them just in case we liked one.

Although it isn't anything like what I had envisioned, there was one that captured a very typical Jade look that we liked. In the interest of not having to go anywhere near the portrait studio for another 6 months, we got the $9.99 package and left.

Jade, in honor of you turning 18 months old, here are 18 things that Mommy and Daddy never want to forget about you at this precious stage:

1. You are our resident shoe herder. You are constantly rounding up shoes and trying to find bare feet to put them on.

2. You want your shoes on first thing in the morning. Even before your diaper is changed or you have had your milk.

3. You are very bothered by young babies who don't wear shoes yet. You will repeatedly say, "No, shoes. Shoes off"!

4. I have stopped keeping track of all of your new words. It appears that you are going to be very verbal, just like your sister. One that you repeatedly use your own form of is "oboe" for open.

5. When Lily finally wakes up in the morning you can't wait to rush to her door and shout "Hi-eee!" over and over again to her dismay.

6. You try so hard to say "sister", but it comes out more like "shish-sher". It is mainly funny because of how much effort you are putting into saying it.

7. You really like "pooh-pooh" (Winnie the Pooh) and "melmo" (Elmo) right now. You always sleep with one or both of them and of course your beloved "bay" (blanket).

8. You started walking! You really took off on your own at the Staples office supply store of all places on December 4th. Two days shy of being 17 months old. The ECI therapy paid off and you are doing great now.

9. My favorite part of you walking is that when I am sitting on the floor you will very carefully back your self up to me and plop down in my lap. You are very determined and calculative in figuring out how to do this. It is so sweet.

10. Although you have become a little pickier about what you will eat, you still love food. Mac-n-cheese, veggies and any variety of eggs are your favorites.

11. You weigh 27 lbs 4 oz (90%) and are 34 inches tall (over 95%) and fill out 2T clothes very nicely.

12. You are starting to hum and sing a few parts of "Twinkle, Twinkle", "ABCs", and your bedtime lullabies.

13. You are very fascinated by animals...dogs--"puppies"--in particular. After being at Memmy and Paw's house for any amount of time you get used to seeing Dallas waiting at their back door. Then you come here and look for a puppy at our back door for many days afterward.

14. You have a genuine concern for others and get very upset when Lily cries. You are quick to go console her and pat her back. You got mad at me the other day when I went to sit on Daddy's lap...he started joking like I was too heavy and was hollering about rushed to his aide because you thought I was hurting him. Oh that daddy, he'll do anything to get you by his side.

15. You pucker up and give the best kisses. You usually make the kissing sound while your mouth is still a few inches from our cheek.

16. Often throughout the day as I am talking to you I will rhetorically say, "Jade, let's go ______, okay?", and you often reply with "n-kay". I don't know why it still surprises me to actually have you respond, but I love it.

17. You are a great sleeper...still taking a short morning nap, a longer afternoon nap, and sleeping for about 11 hours at night. You are often a early riser though, so we are looking forward to springing forward in a couple of months.

18. Until then, I am so glad that you have just recently began calling for Daddy instead of Mommy in the morning. No matter how early the hour is, he cannot resist those sweet cries with his name attached to them. Keep it up girl, your Momma needs her beauty sleep!


Kristi said...

OH, what a cutie! Thanks for sharing the photo. I loved your list too!

Raggedy Girl said...

I take care of a 21 month old grand baby and a lot of similarities there. Thank you for sharing.
Roberta Anne

R said...

how cute! my three-year-old called him "melmo" too. :0) and my one-year-old is always caring and concerned, too! whenever big sister's howling in a time out, she hightails it over to the corner to check on her. :0)

life with the wisners said...

oh the indoor places. i have to admit -- i think they capture life at the time you take them. we had them taken of big h when he was about 1 year or 18 mos. and he was BAWLING crying. but that was what he did back then. he cried. a lot. and to this day, we love that picture.

sweet little jade.

Anonymous said...

The picture is great! MOM

Jenn said...

She sure is a big girl !

Michelle said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Jade! You are growing up so beautifully!

Bear says "Melmo" too! I love it!

My2Gs said...

You've been given an award! Come on over and pick it up :)

~ Lacie

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Oh she is so very very cute

Tricia Hoffmann said...

She looks like Dirty Harry...Go ahead, make my day! What a great list! It's often easy to overlook the stages that kids go through. You do a great job of capturing those memories!

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