Thursday, January 29, 2009

Maybe if I just looked cute in a toboggan

Maybe then? Maybe then I would like cold weather?

I've been to your blogs and have seen all your pretty snow pictures, but I honestly don't know how y'all live with it...for months.

It needs to hurry up and get warm here again already. I cannot stand being cold. I don't want to even go downstairs in my house when it is cold. I'm sure there is a scientific reason it is always 10 degrees colder down there. It makes me not even want to shower...and it is upstairs where it is "warm".

On Tuesday morning, our first "ice" day of this week, I jumped up to get everyone changed, milked, fed, and dressed so we could rush off to Lily's preschool. The 8:30 start time is killing me. Before we left, I glanced in the mirror to see that my hair was in need of a serious washing. It was cold enough to wear a hat, so I thought I'd throw on my little GAP toboggan. Doesn't 80% of your body heat escape through your head? Something like that.

Oh my. I am so not cute in hats.

So, I threw it off not caring what I looked like. Greasy hair vs. not being able to pull off the toboggan look...well, it was a toss up.

It didn't matter anyway. The streets were empty and all the schools were closed. Even though it was just cold and dry. Note to self: if there is a threat of any form of cold precipitation even in the not so near the news, Kerry.

We had a true ice day yesterday, and although we opted not to slide down our driveway in laundry baskets, we did make a quick run to Kohls where Lily totally busted it in the parking lot. I know her hiney is sore.

Then I did my own little diddy this morning in the Kroger parking lot. It was one of those times that I am positive it would have looked much more graceful to completely fall over. But I held my own and slid around like an idiot without biting it. I think I even made some sound effects too. How embarrassing.

That's when I got mad at the cold. I mean, it has been cold for days on end. How do y'all do it for weeks and months at a time? I would be a very bitter person.

I think I had my fill last weekend when we spent 4 hours outdoors as the temperature hovered around freezing. As a Christmas gift to my father-in-law we got tickets to go to the Texas Rangers Fanfest last Saturday. I am not even a Rangers Fan. Definitely not a fan of the cold. But I do love my father-in-law...and spending hours in the cold was not going to detour him from celebrating his favorite team.

Sure, there were indoor a quick jaunt through the locker room and the hall of fame museum, but everything else was outside. We ran the bases, caught pop-ups, pitched in the bullpen, got autographs, sat in the dugout and Lily enjoyed all sorts of interactive inflatables (one of them was manned by Mr. Hart...anyone remember him...our old JHigh principal?).

It was so cold. Toboggan worthy cold.

See how cute my girls look in their toboggans?

Even my hubby and father-in-law can pull the look off.

Jerry handed me mine in the car and I put it on without a mirror in sight.

It even looks goofy from the back...I promise I don't have any front shots.

Actually there was one taken in front of this scoreboard. Thank goodness it is safe with my mother-in-law.

Maybe I just don't know how to wear it. Probably need to pull it down more. Is it possible that my head is just oddly shaped? I give up.

Jade's toboggan even compliments her as she sleeps.

We're headed to the stock show and rodeo this Saturday...maybe a cowgirl hat is the look I need. Of course by then it is supposed to be 70 degrees. Praise His holy name.


Jennifer Rutherford said...

Man I am so with you on the cold weather. There is a reason I live this far south! I posted my honest scrap list on my blog today. Thanks again for the award! Though I don't think I really get the whole blog award thing. :) Maybe one day I'll be a serious blogger!

Rachelle said...

Maybe you just need to try a different type of hat....I love hats, but can't do a toboggan. Or maybe a fun hooded coat with a cute fuzzy hood.....

Now you got me trying to remember what you wore back when we did all our ski trips????????

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

I look ridiculous in hats. Today I wore my scarf over my head to cover my ears and tied it around my neck granny style.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I don't do hats to well either. I have to say that these posts about being cold do make me laugh. When I was a kid I remember having a snow day once. There was a foot of snow, but it was also -20 or something. We didn't have snow days very often.

Your kids look really cute!!

Tammy said...

I'm sure I don't look good in my hats either. I try to find cute ones and just hope that makes up for what it looks like on me:)

I'm glad it's warming up for you this weekend. I've never been to a rodeo! I hope you and your family have a great time!

Laura said...

This post cracked me up! Get you a pink cowgirl hat for this weekend! You'll fit right in!

Michelle said...

You aren't a Rangers fan? Did you get to meet Josh Hamilton? If I wasn't a Rangers fan before he came along (which I was), I would definitely be one now. You can check out his testimony on

Anyways, I love the picture of Jade asleep - she looks like a little baby :).

Colored With Memories said...


i know...doesn't she look so babyish...i'm eating it up.

i think jerry got his autograph...i was running bases with the girls at that moment. i did see his locker room spot though...i'll have to check out his testimony!

life with the wisners said...

just embrace it. in my opinion, i think everyone looks great in a hat. but some aren't comfortable in them. guess you're one of them? i bet you look super cute.

Raggedy Girl said...

I like cold weather and would love the snow storm of the century on my lane but today I have a horrible headache so as I read I could feel your discomfort and sympathize with you. Praying for sunshine in your life, your kids are beautiful.
Happy Friday to you!
Roberta Anne

Colored With Memories said...

oh rachelle,
i remember...i think whatever head covering i wore flew off when you tricked me into going down that black diamond run! :)

jennifer said...

look at those sweet little punkins!

yesica said...

aww shes too cute i love when their sleeping they look like angels

yesica said...

aww shes too cute i love when their sleeping they look like angels

NicoMc "the Illustrator" said...

She's such a cutie pie!

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