Saturday, January 10, 2009

I may never shower at home again.

One of the things I have resolved to do this year is to always be awake before my girls. I've noticed that on days when I am up, showered, and ready to go before I hear their sweet voices talking through the is just a better day.

If I don't get showered first thing, the next opportunity is not until about 2PM when Jade is down for a long nap. However, if I get suckered into playing Princess Wii with Lily during that time, it may not happen at all.

And of course it never fails that on those days our doorbell will ring around 4PM with a pint size neighborhood girl wanting to play with Lily. And there I am an hour later rounding the neighbor's homes trying to snatch her up before dinner...greeting the working and non-working mommies with my non-showered appearance. I'm sure they are, Kerry has really let herself go...what does she do all day anyway?

There are two problems. By nature I am a night owl and getting up early only seems like a good idea at night when I'm setting my alarm. I too easily talk myself out of it when it is buzzing at 6AM. And secondly, I have also resolved to go to the gym more this year. So showering first thing, only to go sweat it out a couple of hours later, doesn't make much sense.

Yesterday morning, I again hit snooze until the monitors started going off. No snooze button on them. Although I had gotten to bed early, Jerry and I had each been up with Jade multiple times in the night and it felt like I hadn't slept a minute.

I decided actually pack a bag for the gym and get ready up there.

Oh my word. It was awesome. I wasn't being talked to the entire time, I wasn't playing peek-a-boo shower curtain game with anybody, and didn't feel threatened that a clothed wee one was going to join me at any given moment.

And the same goes for the entire time I got dressed, dried my hair and applied make-up. Heavenly.

There was one thing that bothered me though. Notice how I said I got dressed first? That is not the norm. I couldn't believe how many women dried their hair in plain view without even an undergarment on. Or would carry on conversations with their workout buddy completely in the nude.

I'll admit that I've never been a big time athlete, so maybe I just don't know locker room culture. Am I just being overly modest?

Nevertheless, I think I have a new routine and am excited. While the girls enjoy kid's club complete with toddler area, computers, a climbing playscape, indoor gym and outdoor play area, I will be sweating and then relaxing as I get ready for our day.

I can't think of a better combination...well, other than them enjoying kid's club while I enjoy the spa...which is actually possible there...more on that later.


Tricia Hoffmann said...

I, too, wonder where women get so comfortable with bein naked in front of so many strangers and a few friends. Especially since I am one of those women who bends over to blow dry my hair. I don't think ANYONE needs to see that!

Laura said...

Sounds like a plan to me!! I think I might even be a little jealous! What? No more shower peek-a-boo? You lucky duck!!

Christina said...

seriously they are just chilling there nude? i don't consider myself a very modest person and i would NEVER do that...maybe i should rethink the idea of joining that gym. lol

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Oh I hear ya about showering later in the day. Happens here ALOT. And I'm a night owl, too. So setting an alarm...not happening.

I'm with ya about the locker room, I could never be that "comfortable" Yikes`

That's awesome that you have that time to yourself!

Rachelle said...

That would be a little to much naked for me too....Enjoy your new found alone time ;)

Michelle said...

Alone shower time - You are briliiant! Just try to keep your eyes straight ahead :). I grew up in soccer locker rooms and never experienced such craziness.

Raggedy Girl said...

I would not be comfortable in the nude in front of anyone other than my hubby or my doctor. That is strange. Peek a boo showers sound like fun.
Roberta Anne

AmyB said...

This is pure genius! Free babysitting while you get dressed. Well maybe free, but totally worth it. I must file that away. Although I am a bit scared of the germs that I see crawling everywhere at the daycare at our gym. See you this afternoon!

Melissa :) said...

I get my shower daily @ 2:00 p.m. also. Sigh.

And...what's this "gym" thing? :)

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