Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little White Dress...Pretty Pink Shirt

Well, the dress actually isn't that white anymore, but I'm sure sixty years ago it was. It is the familial baptismal gown. It was worn by my dad, my sis, myself, Lily and Jade. The only weird thing to this story is that Jade actually wore it a year ago to be dedicated, not baptized.

Here we are a year later, and I think I just grew a grey hair for each year of its age as I ironed it in preparation for Jade's baptism tomorrow morning.

I'm sure I've just thrown a few of my church buddies for a loop. We attend an amazing reformed baptist church. We've been going there a couple of years now and got Jade dedicated there last fall. We're actually going through the membership class right now and through that process, the issue of baptism has been raised. After careful prayer and much study, we've decided that we truly believe that the scriptures support covenantal infant baptism. So, since we are still technically members of our old church, where Jerry was on staff for many years, we decided to get Jade baptized. We made it fully clear to the old church that our intentions are to leave membership there and join The Village Church.

That is, if they allow us. We've met with a couple of pastors there twice and will probably be going before the elders at some time in the future to plead our case. Will they allow these two paedobaptists and our young children become members? That is still an unknown. Our pastor's wife mentioned that she occasionally keeps up with my Lauren, if you're out there, we're the crazy couple that is trying to join the church while maintaining our views on this issue.

I realize this deserves a weighty theological discussion, however this little blog just isn't the place for it. Feel free to comment away, by all means, but I just don't feel like hashing out the whys and hows here myself. There are a ton of great books out there that discuss this issue, and I'll give links to two written by former Baptist ministers who through study of Scripture became paedobaptists: Children of the Promise and The Case for Covenantal Infant Baptism.

Now on to the lighter side of things. The little white dress.

Okay, so obviously baptismal gowns are usually worn by infants. Please click over to the post where you can see Jade wearing the gown when she was dedicated as a 4 month old. I would repost the pictures here, but we didn't have a digital camera then and I'm not in the mood to scan. So just go...real quick.

She has always been off the charts on height and weight and I was really worried about her even fitting in the dress then. Fast forward to now when as a fifteen month old she is tipping the scales at almost 27 lbs, I knew wearing the gown would be out of the question.

So, I was on my way to buy a new gown and I was feeling a little sad about the fact that I wish she could have worn the same gown that all of us had...especially since she was being baptized in the same church as Lily. I decided to pull it out and just try it on her for fun.

To my surprise, it actually went over her head. And with a little tugging, I actually got her chubby arms through the holes. I was giddy. Then I realized I couldn't quite button the neck and I wasn't sure if it would even be long enough to cover her thighs. I'm sure she is 32 or 33 inches tall by now. I decided to stand her up and give the whole thing a look over. It went down to her knees. A far cry from most baptismal gowns which at least go to the ankles, if not many inches or even feet past. My heart was pounding so I snapped a few photos and shot them off to my a few family members cell phones. 1 no, and 3 yeses later, it was decided. She'd be wearing the gown.

Now all I had to do was find a little off-white sweater to cover the gaping neck and some good tights to draw eyes away from the fact that the gown was too short.

Finding the sweater was easy. Finding the tights really stressed me out. On my way to the third different Target store a couple of towns over from here I totally got lost. The little inventory receipt thingy said they had two pairs left in her size and by golly I was going to get my hands on one of them. I went to turn around and apparently made an illegal u-turn.

You guessed it. Sirens and lights. Great.

As the cop asked for my license and insurance I really started to worry. My license had expired oh, lets see...back in mid-August. Not just like a couple of days ago...I really don't know why I haven't renewed it. Maybe it is just the thought of standing in those long lines and trying to get photographed with two kiddos in tow. Just. does. not. sound. fun.

Then as I reached for the insurance, I immediately remembered getting our new cards in the mail recently. Did I put them in the glove box though? Nope.

Double great. Expired license and expired insurance...all while supposedly making an illegal u-turn. I envisioned them announcing to the congregation how sorry I was that I couldn't attend Jade's baptism due to my recent imprisonment.

I got off with a warning. A WARNING. That just doesn't happen to me folks. I have been 8 months pregnant, bawling my eyes out, laying my head on the steering wheel trying to get out of a ticket before and NEVER gotten off with a warning. Maybe it didn't help that in that instance, when I laid my head on the steering wheel I actually honked my horn with my head. Kind of ruined the moment. Nevertheless, I was thrilled. And, to top it off, he told me how to find that elusive Target.

Unfortunately, all of this stress has wrought havoc on my face. I have a very large pimple that I am not happy about. Debbie saw me earlier today and can attest to its vastness. And to top it all off I ran out of my foundation today. A little before ten tonight I remembered that I was in definite need of some makeup to cover this sucker up.

I grabbed my keys and headed to Walgreens. Wouldn't you know that once again they changed all the packaging and naming on the brand of makeup I like? I don't know why I haven't learned to buy multiple bottles when I find one I like. Sigh. I picked out a few different shades in hopes to camouflage my little visitor and headed to the register.

And that is when it happened. I got hit on by my local, and might I add young, Walgreen's cashier. It was awful. I don't know if my pimple resonated with him and made me seem more young? I felt him staring me down as I searched for some cash and then awkwardly trying to make too much eye contact with me. I looked down at my ring finger and noticed I had left my wedding ring at home. Apparently I looked really hot. Maybe he is studying to be a dermatologist or something. But he just really liked my shirt. My shirt looked really good on me and it was really cute. Did I mention he really liked it? Yeah, well he said all of that while looking at my girls. Not Lily and Jade. The other girls.

I really don't think that I own even one piece of provocative clothing. The shirt I had on? It was the one I wore to Jade's first birthday party for heaven's sake. And something tells me that if I had my real girls with Jade on my hip and Lily running the aisles wildly...he wouldn't have noticed my shirt or anything within.

I don't know if I'm more thankful that Lily and Jade are usually with me or the fact there is a Walgreens on every corner. Either way I'm pretty sure this was the last time he'll be seeing me or my pretty pink shirt.


Becoming Me said...


Rachelle said...

ha ha ha ha ha....You sexy momma you...ha ha ha ha....good post, made me laugh. Hope yo had a great baptism!

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Wow, what a post! I'm interested in reading the link about infant baptism. I was baptized as a baby in the church my mom grew up in, but we dedicate in our church.

I once was stressed while interviewing for jobs at several different places and got a speeding ticket. (I wasnt going THAT fast!) I cried because I was so stressed and was obviously freaking out the officer, because he asked me if I had been drinking or if I needed an ambulance. I don't drink, EVER! and that just made me feel worse.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh my word...little Walgreens punk, checking you out.

And that dress is adorable and it must be so special to have had it in your family for so long. I'd be interested in hearing more on your views - although I understand that you don't want to get into it on the blog...

Christina said...

i played the piano. i haven't played in a long time!

Faith said...

ROFL! It's not every day I laugh while reading a blog, but I sure did enjoy it!

Carolina Mama said...

Oh that is hilarious. To hear must have been scary to be on your end of things.

The dress is gorgeous. Sweet. Tell us more? Hope it went perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That was a great post. So many things in just one day. It's nice that your baby gets to wear the pretty white gown too...I like things that have been in the family for generations.

I can't believe you ONLY got a warning...I'd be in jail for sure.

If I were you, I'd wear that pink shirt at least 3 times a week. It will keep you feeling good, young, and sexy.

Growin' with it! said...

wowza...what a day. i think i'd have a mongo zit from the stress!! but such a sweet, sweet story about this adorable gown and the heritage and memories it holds. sounds so exciting for your whole family!

thanks for stopping by. i love meeting new bloggers! so, nice to meetcha!

Tricia Hoffmann said...

I love that you are so faithful and stick to your guns! Man, if only I could get off with a warning!

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