Monday, November 19, 2007

A Special Day, A Special Dress

Our First Family Photo with Jade!
3 Generations of Manthes that have worn "The Dress"

It has been a little over a month since we had Jade dedicated at church! Honestly, I was glad baby dedication time came around when it did because otherwise she may not have fit in "the dress". The dress you see her wearing above is a sixty year old baptismal gown that my dad wore first (yes, boys do wear baptismal gowns...Jerry still doesn't get it!), then my sister, then yours truly, then Lily and most recently Jade. If you are wondering why Avery isn't pictured above, she, like Jade was blessed with the chub and probably wouldn't have fit in it! The first three of us who wore it were baptized in the Lutheran tradition and therefore baptized should see my mom in my baptism photos...just 14 days after giving birth to me! Lily was baptized at 5 months....she was the Presbyterian relatives thought we were never going to get around to it! And now with Miss Jade we are attending a church that dedicates babies...which is all new to me. After the initial shock to the family, it really went mom didn't run up there and sprinkle water on her (like she threatened...jokingly...I think) and the only comment my dad had when he overheard me talking to someone about the special gown, was that it is NOT sixty years old...yet, just 59!!!

I was a little unsure of the whole baby dedication vs. infant baptism debate, but my friend Mandy encouraged me correctly that the heart motivation of parents is the same in either! On October 13th we brought Jade before the Lord to recognize that she is actually His...and we promised to pray for her and teach her to love and follow Christ and hope that one day she will trust Him as her Savior....after all...not any outward act of man can save our child...only the Lord can do that!

Enjoy this slideshow from this very special day!

I love the verse on her certificate...."For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to Him. Therefore I have lent her to the Lord, as long as she lives, she is lent to the Lord. I Samuel 1:27-28

And I couldn't resist pulling out some pictures of Lily's baptism in February of 2005. See below!


Sean said...

Hi Kerry,
Glad to see you are doing well,
you have a beautiful family.
Take care,

Cunningham Family said...

you are a great blogger! i love keeping up on your family news this way :) happy thanksgiving!

melissa :)

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