Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jade's Baptism

Jade was baptized last Sunday, October 19th. It was a beautiful day that just so happened to also be my in-law's 41st wedding anniversary, making it all the more special.

The service was at our old church, for reasons I explained here. Worship was wonderful. I really enjoy the "contemporary" worship style (for lack of a better word) at our new church which we love dearly, but still have a great appreciation for the pipe organ and hymnbook. I also enjoyed being in worship with all of my closest family members. I'm so thankful to be surrounded by a family of believers.

Remember how I was in need of a sweater for Jade? Not because it was chilly, but because the familial baptismal gown was designed for infants, and she hasn't fallen into the infant weight class for about a year now. When I had tried it on her the previous week I was unable to button the back, so I needed a sweater to cover the gaping neck line. I'm not sure if I stretched it out while ironing it or what, but it fit perfectly that morning. I was glad to not have to cover up any of the 60 year old gown.

The girls did beautifully up in front of the church. I wasn't sure if Lily would be intimidated and clingy or if she would see this as the perfect opportunity to break out into some of Ariel's greatest hits while she had the stage and a captive audience.

At one point she got a little restless and started up the stairs to the choir loft...where there are lots and lots of microphones. I was relieved that she was easily reined back in and even let me hold her during the other baptisms. Of course then she discovered my silver necklace (I rarely wear jewelry) and proceeded to thump it repeatedly against my chest. I just ignored it and I'm sure everyone on the first row mistakenly now believes I have the patience of Job.

Our standards for her have been lowered after the flashing incident at our new church. I don't think I've aired that news on the blog yet. Let me flag this post as one to remove before she's a teenager.

A few weeks back we had a meeting at our new church with a couple of ministers to discuss our views on baptism and how it might affect our ability to join the church. They graciously offered to provide childcare for our kiddos while we met. Just prior to that meeting Lily had been down for rest time. At rest time (notice I don't call it naptime anymore), we always put her in a pull-up just in case the Lord hears our prayers and she actually falls into a long deep sleep and has an accident. When she got up it was time to go, so I told her to take off her pull-up and get some panties back on.

We got to the church and were surprised by how many people...staffers and volunteers...that happened to be gathering in the foyer during the gap between morning and evening services. We began introducing ourselves to some of them, all the while Lily was twirling around in her favorite dress. Then she loudly announced to the whole group, while lifting up her dress no less, "Mommy, I don't have any panties on!"

That's when I remembered that kids need ONE instruction at at time. She had at least gotten the pull-up off. Step TWO...oops. This would have been one instance where I wouldn't have minded if she hadn't listened to me at all.

I'm sure the first impression they had of us was just excellent. There we were trying to join a Baptist church while holding to paedobaptist beliefs and our four year old flashes the whole foyer. Fun times.

Anyway, back to baptism Sunday. Jade was a breeze. No problem being handed off to the pastor or anything. She was in the I'm going to suck my thumb, hold my blankie, and not give anyone a smile type of mood...which is evident in all the pictures below. I didn't care though. I was just glad that we didn't have to enact any of the "hollering baby exit strategies" that they had gone over with us before the service.

A few of you had mentioned being curious about why we believe that the Scriptures teach not only the baptism of believers, but their children as well. My husband found a link to a site that has 3 brief articles written on the topic. One of which is a letter from a father to his college age daughter...written to explain how his views had changed when she inquired. Click here if you're interested.

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Rachelle said...

Baptism pics look great!

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

You have an adorable family!

Sara@ Butterville said...

We had our children baptized. One at the church I grew up in and one at the church Hubby grew up in. We then chose to be baptized with the church we attend.(it claims to be non-dinominational. But was orginially Baptist.)
We were both baptized as infants too. We will not become memebers at EBC because we don't agree with some of the beliefs. But we find the messages and service uplifting. I am praying for a church home that fits ALL of our views. But I'm really not sure that will happen. It's either piporgan , monotone fire and brimstone. Or relivent and strict.

Mommy Bee said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog ;)

I appreciate your sharing the link about why you have chosen to baptize your infants. We believe that baptism should wait until the child is old enough to understand/choose it himself, and we also baptize by immersion (which would be hard for infants!) I was raised with that but my own reading has convinced me of it as well, so I have never really understood the point of baptizing infants. (We do do a sort of infant dedication thing though.) I haven't changed my views by any means, but it is very enlightening to understand more of your perspective. So thanks again for sharing!

Amanda said...

gorgeous pictures...and thanks for sharing the links to explain the paedobaptist position. i agree with mommy gave me more understanding. i was baptized as an infant, but it definitely was more of a ritual, as my parents were not believers and simply attended church and had me baptized as a social institution. we have had our girls dedicated and will do the baptism thing as soon as they are old enough to understand/make the choice...but i definitely appreciated reading the views expressed in the articles.

Membership Required said...

Oh I am so glad to have read your post. My baby boy was recently baptized and I was told by a friend that doesnt believe in infant baptisms that I was doing something bad and wrong to him. I was horrified. I am a person that thinks that the Lord gave us this world and great minds that he wants us to stand for what we might believe in but not to harm someone for their beliefs. I think that if we all just tried to get along no one would be hurt or slain. I am grateful for your articles not because I want to print them off and stuff them under her door for her reading enjoyment but that my beliefs are backed up by some very smart people...including God. Thanks again.

Michelle said...

What a special day for Jade! She is looking more and more like a little girl. She was just a baby when I saw her a few months ago - what happened? She and Lily are precious.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I finally made it over here! Precious! And congrats to Jade for keeping her pants on!

By the way, the Greek Orthodox Church baptizes infants - by immersion! They dunk the baby. I think that is so cool.

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