Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Savior on Capitol Hill

Any Derek Webb (formerly of Caedmon's Call) fans out there? Back in the days when we didn't have a sitter racking up charges in our absence, they were a band whose concerts we frequented.

Anyway, my hubby found a little video of Derek singing some thoughts on the election. Since I am the epitome of someone who is not political and also too lazy to post it from GodTube, you can find it here.

That would be on my hubby's blog. The one he posts to about once every two months. Isn't it a funny thing...husbands and blogs? He just had to start one...probably out of sheer curiosity of what in the world I found so fun about blogging...I'm not sure he gets it. Quite. Yet.

Do any of your hubbies blog?


The Zeller Family said...

Hi Kerry!

I lost your email. Could you give it to me again?


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh goodness no. The thought of my hubby blogging makes me laugh. :) I think he barely knows about mine...anytime he gets on the computer, he goes straight to You Tube.

Mommy Bee said...

Sure, my hubby started a blog about a year ago...he made one post and then promptly forgot th URL of the blog!!! (I had it linked from mine so I knew it but he didn't!) Anyway, after about 5 months he asked me to delete the old one for him (heehee) and he started a new one...which he was very sporadic about writing on until about two months ago. Now he writes a couple of things a week--mostly political stuff lately, but he's a deep thinker and I have encouraged him to post about the things we talk about, because he's helped me gain perspective on a lot of things. :)

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