Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blogoversary Approaching...Giveaway Coming!

Blogoversary. Now that is a word that I did not know a year ago. That and tons of other blog lingo.

A few terms that come to mind:

BFF (Blog Friend Forever)
Blog Carnival
Tag Cloud
Blog Hopping

The list goes on and on. These are some of the funniest terms I've come across recently:

Blogstipation - writer’s block for bloggers
Blogathy - not wanting to post and not caring about it
Blogopotamus - a long long blog post
Blogorrhea - unusually high output of articles
Bleg - to use one’s blog to beg for assistance etc.
Hitnosis - refreshing your browser repeatedly to see if your hit counter or comments have increased
Blogorific = blogtastic - something which a blogger says is terrific

Sadly I think I'm guilty of some of the above terms. Humor me...tell me some of your favorite blog lingo.

So, back to my blogoversary. It is just 18 days away.

I know it is better to give than receive, but I'm going to be doing both. I'm all about balance.

For me? I've been working with a graphics person to add some new elements to my page. I'm keeping my header because I love it...all of those photos represent special things in my life. I actually won it in a giveaway and posted about it here (warning: that post is an example of a blogopotamus). You won't think you've landed on the wrong page by any means, there will just be some added features.

For you? You can expect my first giveaway ever. I'm so excited. By that time, I'm hoping that even my fellow Texans will be enjoying some cooler weather. Cooler weather means it will be time to check out the Starbucks menu to see what new drinks they are featuring this fall.

So, come back in 18 days if you want a chance at winning a Starbucks gift card. How much you ask?

Well, that depends on how much change I can come up with by cleaning out the car and underneath the couch cushions.

Christina, I know that one freaked you out! Meet Christina, who doesn't like sitting on the cracks between couch cushions for fear of what is lurking below...I just love that I know that little piece of trivia about her. Considering that this type of cleaning hasn't been done in...well, that would just be embarrassing if I told you...let's just say her fear would currently be substantiated at my house.

All that said, I think that all of my cleaning out should produce a good sized gift card. Whatever coins I find minus the 8.9% Coinstar fee. Coinstar is another justification of mine. I can turn my coins into a Starbucks gift card right there at the kiosk. So spending that 8.9% saves me a trip, which saves me gas, and ultimately saves me another $5 because I won't be tempted to try one of the new fall drinks.

I'm sure by then though that I will have justified that I need to try a drink or three just so I can steer you in the right direction in case you happen to be the winner. I'm only thinking about you of course.


Irritable Mother said...

OK, two questions.
One, does Starbucks serve hot chocolate? Because I cannot DO coffee.
Two, how is it that I have been blogging for two years and I have not heard the term blogoversary???
That is such a cute word!
And I loved the other blog terms you shared. Thanks for the laughs. *grin*

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I am laughing my head off at some of those terms...I had not heard some of them and I think I'm going to have to adopt a couple of them. Hilarious! I can't think of any to add to your list right now but if I come across anything good I'll be back...

Rachelle said...

Happy One Year Blogoversary!

Christina said...

how dare anybody actually stick their hands in sofa cracks!

Wilson Family said...

Ok, not sure if they still do it or not, but the new Kroger used to have a coinstar machine that didn't charge you if you turned your coins into a starbucks gift card. They just gave you all your $ toward it. You might want to look into it. LOL.. never heard any of those terms, and unfortunatly don't have anything to add... I am a very new and sheltered blogger!LOL
Oh, and thanks for your comments on my page... I just read the one you posted after my "breakdown."LOL You were very encouraging!

No Chub Club said...

How about LoBlogomy-can't remember when you last posted : )

Carolina Mama said...

You are hilarious. Congrats on your upcoming day.

Hint: Irritable Mother - Starbucks fends off irritability! :)

p.s. their hot cocoa is divine!

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Cute post! I needed a good laugh!

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

mmmm... starbucks....

i miss you so...

mamajil said...

Your post with the blog terms makes me wonder if there is a blog-dictionary somewhere...
very cute post
I enjoyed reading the terms!!
Congrats on your upcoming Blogoversary!!!
and mmmmmm I love starbucks!! They know me personally!! :)

Wilson Family said...

Hey, can you e-mail me... I'd like to e-mail you a personal message... but I didn't save your e-mail address, and I can't find any recent e-mails.

The Cunningham Family said...

actually we don't have a zoo pass. we always go w/ friends who do & get a discount.

btw, i love your blog. you know way more about blogging than i do!!

congrats on one year :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

HEY YOU WON!!!!!!!!

Alana said...

Well, I'll definitely be back for the giveaway! I love a good giveaway.

Also, I think I have blogathy right now. Hate that. Love those terms...very funny!

Anonymous said...

Copy away! We are going to APC and really love it. We recently got a new pastor and feel very blessed. Hope you are doing well!! What church are you guys thinking about joining.

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