Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend In Review

We had a great weekend. Sort of felt a little like a vacation...probably because we were barely home and the only two meals I prepared all weekend were breakfast. I really did go all out for those, so I don't feel too bad...cinnamon rolls, biscuits, gravy, eggs, bacon...good get the gist. Other than that we enjoyed Mexican food, Potbelly sandwiches, Flips burgers, and even some good Japanese food. Not having to cook...awesome...having a clean kitchen(not b/c of cleaning it, but due to lack of use)...priceless!

There were a few outings worth mentioning too:

Papa's Pack: Minus 2 Plus 3!
It was time for Papa's Pack to meet again...Unfortunately Avery had the flu, so that took her and Kelly out of the action. But one of my great aunts (Mona) and two great uncles (Fritz and Ken) were in town from up north, so they gladly stepped in. We had fun bowling. It was a day for the record hubby beat my dad...I don't know if one of them was having a bad day, or if the other was having a really good day...actually I do know and am just not saying!!!

Afterwards we did the usual Flips burgers and then everyone came back to our house. We got to looking at some old pictures my grandma had recently sent. Fritz and Mona are two of my grandma's younger siblings so I was on the hunt for some of them. I came across these two:

Here is my dad with his favorite uncle (Fritz) in front of my great grandparent's house in Madison. I recently inherited the hat to that snowsuit he is grandma saved EVERYTHING!

Here is another of Fritz, my dad, and my grandpa inside of that same house.

I am guessing these were taken around 1945. Wasn't my dad a cutie!?! It was so good visiting with them.

No Babysitter Required:

All of the activity hadn't really allowed for naps. So, seeing that it could be a long evening, we tried for a last minute babysitter. No such luck. So instead, we packed up the stroller, bags, and kiddos and went to the new shopping area in town. Barnes and Noble was our destination. At B & N the girls entertained themselves (kind of) with books, while Jerry and I sipped sugar free Cinnamon Dulce Lattes. Either the starbuck's barista forgot I said sugar free, or their SF Cinnamon Dulce Lattes are OUT OF THIS WORLD! We managed to get out of there only buying a princess manners book (couldn't hurt) and a read-along Little Mermaid CD/book. How many versions of the Little Mermaid can Lily own? That question remains unanswered!

Next it was a short walk to PotBelly for some delish sandwiches. I was having such a good time that I managed to overlook the large glob of jelly that had escaped Lily's PB & J and landed on the inside of her coat! Seriously, I think they need to ration the jelly portion next time!

Then we strolled over to Nestle Tollhouse. I am embarrassed to say that I had no problem downing an entire chocolate coconut macaroon. I knew that'd be a safe pick since Jerry despises coconut. He and Lily both had leftovers from their cookie choices. Not me. I decided to believe that the SF Latte was not a mistake and consumed every morsel.

Peter and the Wolf:
Sunday afternoon we took the girls to see Peter and the Wolf. It was complete with orchestra, ballet, and as much free popcorn as you could stomach. I forgot my camera, so all of these are courtesy of my cell phone!
You can tell Jade, Jerry, and Lily were all enthralled!
Here is the birdie in action:

Afterwards Lily would pose for pictures with anyone OTHER THAN THE WOLF!

Here she is with the bird, duck, and cat:

The comments that I want to remember from Lily are:

To Peter afterwards: "You can talk? Why didn't you talk during the show?" (The play had been narrated)
To the Duck: "The wolf ate you?"
After pictures they had an "Instrument Petting Zoo" and a station to make your own instrument. We left with a strangely decorated box-of-kleenex-banjo type thing...and one very tired girl.

Jade, however, was wide-awake-hyper-delirious-no-nap-girl, so we decided to drive to a local college town for dinner, hoping she would fall asleep in route. We also drove by some old houses. This is always dangerous for us...I've already been on once today. After a brief house hunting we found a Mexican restaurant on the square worth going back to. Not for a long time's time to mess up my own kitchen for a while!

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