Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If You Don't Like the Weather in Texas...

stick around a'll change!

Sunday: shorts and flip flops

Monday: coats and snow boots

Ooops, we don't own snow boots. I was lucky enough to get Lily to put her coat on before exloring the March her PJs and tennis shoes.

Mom! Look at the snow!

Mom! Look at my footprints!

Time to warm up.

Mom! Look at my tongue!
Lily discovered a while back that a red lollipop will turn her tongue red...she now thinks hot cocoa turns it brown, lemonade turns it yellow, green beans turn it get the idea. Makes sense to me. Perfect sense. What doesn't make sense is that Jerry and I haven't told her otherwise...we're still playing along...I guess eventually we'll grow tired of examining her tongue after each colorful intake!

I love the way a three year old thinks...and are some current Lilyisms that I've been meaning to record:

The use of very in place of really. I don't very feel good. Jade doesn't very like that.

She is always looking for Cinderella in her married dress. Is that the book that has you in your married dress, mama?

My favorite is her name for a certain restaurant we frequent...Chick-N-Play (Chick-Fil-A)...I love it! Especially when we get to the counter and she wants me to order a hamburger for her! They don't very like that.


Heidi Day said...

I've been sitting here when I should be in bed, enjoying catching up on your sweet family blog. It has been so nice! Goodnight!

Rachelle said...

Tell Lily that they have Fruit Roll Ups that put a tattoo on your tongue....she will love those!!!! I think I will have one for breakfast!! Off to work...have a good day! =) Rachelle

Martha Cox said...

I love your blog. It makes me look forward to Morgan saying silly things too. I bet that Lily would also like silly putty. You could show her how the newspaper transfers to the silly putty just like her toungue turning red.

Michelle said...

That's great! Ginger does the "marry" thing too. She has to have her "wedding ring" and "wedding dress" on so she can marry daddy, which really means dance with daddy. And I love the snow pictures. Get the shorts out again, it should be warm on Saturday :-).

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