Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

This is a first for me. I was tagged by a new blogger at The Sullivan Sitcom, so here I go:

7 Things About Me:
1. I love Mexican food. Happens also to be the one type of food I don't cook at home. How convenient for me, sounds like a reason to go out often!
2. I find it difficult to go to sleep at night without these three items on my bedside table: cell phone, chapstick, and a glass of water. I rarely use any of them, but I just feel better knowing they are there.
3. While on the subject of sleep, I cannot sleep with socks on no matter how cold it is. I also have to leave one foot out from the covers to regulate the temperature!
4. I am a huge fan of room darkening shades. It looks like midnight in our bedrooms no matter what time it is. I think it helps explain the girl's good napping habits. Also helps us to sleep in a bit on the rare mornings when the baby monitor is hollering at the grandparents instead of us!
5. I only drink bottled water. And only two brands: Aqua Fina and Ozarka. ALL others taste salty to me. Even though, as my husband has pointed out numerous times, their labels all say they are sodium free.
6. Nummy. This is the word my mom passed down to my sis and I for "yummy". Jerry can't stand to hear "nummy", in fact he is completely embarrassed by it. I'm trying hard to get Lily to use it often. We'll see who wins.
7. Paying for my gym membership every month, even though I seldom use it, somehow makes me feel more healthy.
Okay, there you go. Now I'm supposed to tag 7 people. Christina, Martha, McKenzie, Melissa, Michelle, Rachelle, and Stephanie...consider yourselves tagged!


Christina said...

i am happy to be tagged and will think about what i will put! i am home with a sick one but will see you tonight. your blog always makes me laugh or smile!

Martha Cox said...

How do I tag people? I'm such a blogger novice! Are you going to be at the Village Mommies workday on Friday? I'll be there. I need to get your email address!

The Cunningham Family said...

i'm still working on my 7 things! :) by the way, sophie says "nummy". i think my mom taught her that. :)

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