Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lily-isms Continued...

This morning as I was getting Lily up I rolled up her shade as usual. She did the routine check of the weather outside and this conversation followed:

L: Did it snow again?

M: No, it's just foggy this morning honey.

L: Oh, what are those white things called again?

Realizing what she was looking at...and they did look white and fluffy...

M: Oh, those things, those would be our dandelions.

Guess we need to weed and feed.


I have often told Lily that she needs to hurry up and eat her cereal before it gets soggy.

The other day she came across a limp french fry at lunch.

L: Mom, look at this french fry!

M: Oh, that one is soggy.

L: I guess somebody didn't eat it.

I smiled and laughed to myself.

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