Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Just Ran Over My Purse...

Twice! I wish I could say it was with the stroller, but no, it was with our SUV.

First the hands were full, Lily had asked for a banana just as we were running out the door, I had Jade and purse. So as we got to the car I set my purse on the ground, went around to put Jade in, came back to Lily to put her in and peeled the banana for her. It was that darn me all off track!

Got in car, reversed...bump....bump....huh? I looked over at the passenger's seat and immediately knew what I had run over when I didn't see my purse sitting there. Sure enough there it was in the driveway. Cracked up all my compacts and lipstick. Cellphone? Nope, thankfully it was safe inside the house. Well, sort of safe. It was in the unlocked house.
I have recently lost my keys...AGAIN!! Last time they were missing for 3 weeks. When I finally went to sweep under the couch...jingle, jingle...yay...I found them. Tells you how often I do that chore! Lily was the culprit on that one.

Well my cracked up compacts match our newly cracked up tail light! This one was courtesy of Jerry. Who knew getting gas at Wal-Mart would prove so eventful. It was packed out so he got us in the shortest line at a pump that actually was on the other side from our gas tank...thinking that the hose would stretch. Well, wouldn't you know, it didn't! So he had to do some quick maneuvering, backing up and turning around, while lines of cars waited around us. In the process he backed into a rack of items for sale near where you pay the cashier. We were so glad to have such a huge audience during this event. Ironically, there were car care items for sale on this rack...including tail light bulbs. Unfortunately, we are going to need more than that.

One more car issue to share and then I promise I'll stop. Skunk! Our car totally smells of skunk. We don't remember running over one...but the smell came on quick and strong when we were out last weekend. Did we just get close and it sprayed us in fear? Anyway, I'm on the look out for a car wash that has it's undercarriage wash stocked with tomato juice. Know of one?


Rachelle said...

So funny!!! I was just fixing the "bubby" on my blog when you commented!!!! Wanna know something strange....Phil's car also smelled like skunk last Sunday at church...and he also smelled a little like skunk....we are guessing his car was sprayed too!!!!! Sorry you ran over your bag...Tell Jerry it is a sign that he should send you for a facial at a relaxing day spa that will give you all new make up!!! You think he will buy that one???? =) Rachelle

Colored With Memories said...

I can always hope!

Oh, and when I went back to your post I saw it was fixed and wondered if I had just been seeing things!

Mommy, Esquire said...

Thanks for your comment....I'm enjoying your blog as well. Will be sure to check back often.
By the way...I had an episode with chicken juice in my van a while back...smelled worse that a dozen dead skunks stuffed up the tailpipe. Lots and lots of baking soda worked. Lots.
Good luck! ~Julie

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