Sunday, November 4, 2007

I Should Have Used Snopes!

I just hate being duped! Unfortunately it was my poor husband that took the brunt of this one.

So this Saturday night, we were gaining an extra hour, so after we got the girls in bed I told Jerry about this Blockbuster coupon I had for 2 free movies, popcorn and cokes. He thought that was awesome, so after spending time online deciding what movies we'd pick, he headed up to Blockbuster. Mind you it was late, so he already had his flannels on and just added a T and some flip flops....looking classy to say the least! Who else would be at Blockbuster at this hour, right? So he picks two movies and waits in in hand. Finally it is his turn and he presents our prized coupon to the Blockbuster chic along with the movies. She looks at it, and looks and him and starts to laugh explaining that this coupon is a complete hoax and definitely not valid! That people are just printing them off the internet or whatever.

So, I get a phone call that went something like this....J-uh, Kerry...where'd you get that coupon from? K-Well, I printed it off the internet. J-So, you just printed it off the internet and assumed it was real? K-Well, Suny had emailed it to me and I just clicked the link and printed it! J-Well, it was a complete fake, and I was told that while 15 people waited in line behind me at Blockbuster!~

Anyway, I couldn't stop laughing and was still laughing when Jerry got home! He, needless to say, didn't think it was very funny! I am usually pretty good at using to check these things out. Maybe I didn't this time because just a few weeks before I had gotten an email for free Chick-Fil-A stuff and I snoped was true...we got our coupons and used them! I just checked snopes now and laughed even more when I saw that this is currently their #9 Hottest Urban Legend! Oh well, at least he had his wallet and we saw one great movie and hopefully we'll see another tonight! Thanks Suny for giving me a good laugh this weekend...and hopefully this post will save others the same embarrassment!

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