Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Third Time was the Charm

Finally, our trip to the local Pumpkin Patch worked! First Try: October 1st...my buddy Rachelle was in town and it seemed like a fun outing...it was the first day they were open...great, right? Nope...there was no one else there, but no wonder, it was 95 degrees and we would have needed sunscreen if we had stayed a moment longer! Second Try: A beautiful Saturday Morning a few weeks back! Apparently everyone else thought it was a beautiful day too! We drove in and couldn't even find parking it was so packed out! Try explaining that to 3yr old Lily who was more than excited to do the hayride, bounce houses, hay mazes, etc! She handled it extremely well...only a few tears! Third attempt: Have your husband take a personal day from work and go in the middle of the week! It worked, the third time was the charm...beautiful weather and not too many people! It was a great day!

Lily "holding" Jade...is it just me or does my 3 month old look nearly as big as my 3 year old?!?

This girl can sleep ANYWHERE! Our little...uh, let's make that BIG, pumpkin!

Kerry and Lily atop the hay mound!


Cunningham Family said...

sooo cute! i'm so glad you started blogging! your girls are adorable! i love that jade is so chunky! sophie was chunky & libby is sooo petite!?!?

happy fall,
melissa :)

P & R said...

I think Jade has doubled in size since October 1st! Holy Cow she is growing!!!

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