Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cinderella or Tinkerbell?

We weren't sure until the final moment which costume Lily would choose! It seemed like every time I asked her she would change her mind! I was hoping for Tinkerbell simply because she had dressed up as Cinderella for her birthday, but I wasn't going to push...and wow, she ended up wanting to be Tinkerbell!

Poor Jade didn't have a choice....good thing I couldn't find a Potato costume or that is what she'd have see, we call her jader tater....I am still not sure where it came from, she's round like a potato I guess? Anyway, the nickname has stuck...mainly because Lily picked up on it right away! The pumpkin costume would have to do!

It was a fun night...Lily really enjoyed trick or treating and passing out candy as well. I think for a while she thought she was surprised others were celebrating Halloween because she kept saying things like....mommy, they are trick or treating too ....or mommy, those kids are dressed up too! Then she must have dreamed about the candy all night, because the first words out of her mouth in the morning were, "I want two pieces of candy!"

Anyway, here are the pics! The monkey in the bunch is my precious niece, Avery!
Move your mouse over the pictures to see the captions!

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P & R said...

The girls looked great! I have to tell you when Phil was little he was so scared of the "Monster Mash" his dad would turn it on the juke box and Phil would get scared and say "No Mash Daddy...No Mash".... Monster Mash is still on the juke box...its a family story told over and over every Halloween! - Rachelle

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